ICT Student Spotlight: Jiguang Zhao, SIUE

As an ICT student researcher, Jinguang Zhao is helping determine the contributing factors to wrong way driving on freeways and ways to reduce these errors and related crashes. 

J Zhou 1

Jinguang Zhao

Zhao says, “The research results are expected to help save lives. As a traffic engineer, I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to be involved in this process.”

Zhao is currently in the third year of his Ph.D. program at Southen Illinois University at Edwardville (SIUE). His research here is focused on traffic operation and safety. He plans to pursue an academic career after graduating from SIUE.

J Zhou 2

Jinguang Zhao in Washington D.C.

He sees many benefits to working with ICT as a student researcher. “First of all, I have accumulated a lot of research experience from this project. I have been deeply involved in the project, from developing the research proposal to data collection and analysis. I have become quite familiar with the whole process of research work on traffic safety. Secondly, with all the data that have been collected and the following research results, we will publish several journal and conference papers, which will be good experience for my future career. Last but not the least, I have had many opportunities to work with people from IDOT and some consulting companies and have established good working relationship with them.

Outside of traffic engineering, Zhao enjoys ping pong and swimming.

Zhao is one of more than 122 students who have been supported by ICT research.