ATREL Adds to Its Capabilities

ATREL is constantly upgrading its capabilities; just a sample of its improvements in the past year include: 

– A new dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) device with the capability of “fluids to solids” testing. With a wide range of measurement geometries and accessories, the DSR can perform rheological characterization of asphalt binders and sealants and mechanical characterization of asphalt mixtures and mastic. The equipment provides precise control over a wide range of temperatures.

Jeff w asphalt foamer– A laboratory-scale foamed bitumen plant. This equipment can be used to investigate the foaming properties of different bitumen types at different temperatures and with various amounts of water and air to allow an optimum design of foamed bitumen. It will be utilized for in-place cold recycling and warm mix design.

– A new large triaxial device for testing ballast.

– Increased oven capacity to handle larger volumes of asphalt work.

– Shear and fracture testing capabilities were added to the Interlaken asphalt testing machine.

– A second device for DC(T) fracture testing.triaxial

– IPC triaxial asphalt testing machine.

– Capability for fracture-energy interface bond testing.

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