ICT Completes Another Successful Season of Documentation Training

All consultants who perform construction inspection (Phase III) work for IDOT must take and pass the Documentation of Contract Quantities class administered by ICT. In 2010-2011, ICT offered 15 three-day classes that were attended by 542 people. ICT also offered eight re-tests to 131 previously certified consultants to renew their certifications.

This course, led by ICT instructor Mary Fries, assures well-trained, prequalified consultants to perform construction inspection in Illinois. This course is also offered to full-time IDOT and local agency personnel, which helps ensure that quality construction and documentation practices are followed throughout the state.

Those who need to acquire or renew certifications for 2012 should look for the 2011-2012 training schedule to be posted in the fall. You may sign up to receive notifications, including when the schedule is posted, at: https://illinois.edu/gm/subscribe/2827.