ICT Director Invited to Italian Air Force Workshop

ICT Director Imad Al-Qadi was invited to discuss the impact of aircraft tires on airfield pavements at a workshop in Milan, Italy hosted by the Italian air force. The workshop aimed to promote the dissemination of best practices for maintaining and managing the complexity of airport infrastructure.

The June 7, 2011, workshop was held at the Sala della Vittoria Alata Command’s 1st Air Region of Milan and was sponsored by the 1st Department Genius AM in Milan with the active participation of Milan Polytechnic and the University of Cagliari. The workshop was attended by the leaders of the Department, the Air Force Logistics Command, specialized companies, and international experts.

Al-Qadi also discussed his Smart Runway partnership with the University of Cagliari which developed an innovative airport pavement monitoring system where each layer of a new runway is equipped with sensors that, in operating conditions, note the values of pressures, displacements, and deformations arising from the take-off and landing maneuvers and taxing of all air traffic. This monitoring is already helping the airport improve its design, construction, and maintenance procedures.