ICT Executive Committee Approves 5 New Projects: RFPs Will Be Posted in December

The ICT Executive Committee held its fall meeting on October 5, 2011, in Springfield, Illinois, and approved funding for six suggested research ideas.  One of the research topics will be studied by expanding an existing ICT project; and the other five topics will be pursued as new ICT research projects.

The five research projects approved by the Executive Committee include: improvement of driven pile installation and design in Illinois (phase 2 study); evaluation of street lighting technologies, including LED street lighting (phase 2 study); evaluation of porous granular embankment materials used as pavement subgrade/ granular subbase; sustainable aggregates production – green applications for aggregate by-products; and temporary stabilization improvement investigation.

With the addition of these five new research projects, IDOT has now funded a total of 148 ICT projects, 84 of which have been completed to date.

Some of the newly approved research projects will be outsourced by ICT to other universities or private researchers.  ICT will post RFPs for these projects on its website during December.  You can sign up to receive notification of all ICT RFPs at: https://illinois.edu/gm/subscribe/1740.