ATREL Test Pavements Will Provide Valuable Insight Into Hot-Mix Asphalt Designs

Test pavements for two separate ICT projects were constructed at ATREL on June 16-17, 2011. Both of the test pavements will be subjected to full-scale testing with the Accelerated Transportation Loading Assembly (ATLAS), which can simulate years of real-life traffic and weather conditions. The data collected will help IDOT improve its pavement designs and specifications.

The first project, Evaluating the Effects of Various Asphalt Binder Additives/Modifiers of Moisture Sensitivity in Hot-Mix Asphalt will evaluate the various methods IDOT has used to improve the moisture resistance of HMA pavements and include full-scale testing of suggested new mixes. The project will provide IDOT with documented performance of asphalt binder additives/modifiers on HMA pavements. Principal Investigator is Imad Al-Qadi.

2014_06_12_Field work at ATREL summer 2The second project, Designing, Producing, and Constructing Fine-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) on IL Roadways, will characterize the properties of fine-graded mixes to provide a fair comparison with course-graded mixes, which have been historically used in Illinois. The outcome will be an improved understanding of fine-graded mixes and their capabilities for potential cost benefits. Principal Investigators are Bill Buttlar, Tim Murphy, Bill Pine, and Imad Al-Qadi.