ATREL Students Demonstrate Asphalt Mixing at 2012 Engineering Open House

ATREL graduate students exhibited at the University of Illinois 2012 Engineering Open House on March 9-10. After demonstrating the actual asphalt pavement construction process from aggregate sieving, to batching, to testing the performance of asphalt mixture (including a mini ATLAS demo), the students had attendees create their own “asphalt” mixture. Using chocolate syrup as binder, attendees could choose from various candy “aggregates” of various sizes and textures, as well as coconut to represent fiber, to create their edible mixture. The fun and educational exhibit was very popular among attendees.


2012 ATREL Exhibit - Angeli Gamez

2012 ATREL Exhibit - Ibrahim Abuawad

2012 ATREL Exhibit - Khaled Hasiba

2012 ATREL Exhibit - Pengcheng Shangguan

2012 ATREL Exhibit - Qazi Aurangzeb, Ibrahim Abuawad & Zhen Leng

2012 ATREL Exhibit - Qazi Aurangzeb

2012 ATREL Exhibit - Zhen Leng