ICT Deploys Pilot Project in the Cicero-Midway Smart Corridor to Evaluate Traffic Monitoring Technologies

ICT is helping the City of Chicago select traffic management and information technologies for the corridor extending from Midway Airport to the Loop, also known as the Cicero-Midway Smart Corridor. Monitoring this corridor of arterial streets presents several challenges compared to monitoring highways because of the number of miles to be covered, the unlimited access, and the spacing and impact of traffic signal controls.

To monitor performance and manage traffic, ICT investigator Jakob Eriksson has deployed and compared several different technologies, including a bus tracker based system, WiFi-based travel time estimates, and probe-vehicle based estimates. This prototype project will support integrated corridor management strategies and enhanced information for travelers choosing route, mode, and time of day for travel to/from Midway Airport and the Loop. The long-term goals of this project are to improve corridor performance, improve air quality, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance traveler service and comfort.

Image: A screenshot of the UIC Shuttle Tracker based on technology developed during this project. Shuttle Tracker is used by 1,000 people every day.