ICT Helps Local Agencies Implement Pavement Management Systems

Pavement management systems have proven to be an effective tool for management of large state and metropolitan pavement networks. Although smaller agencies no doubt have similar operational and organizational needs and face the same general challenges as larger agencies, there are still many county and municipal agencies in Illinois that have not implemented pavement management systems. Regardless of whether this is due to the lack of adequate resources to establish the initial database and set up the system, or whether there is a general lack of technical expertise to implement the program, local agencies are in need of a methodology for effectively managing the various components of their pavement network. 

As a part of ICT’s Project R27-87, “Implementing Pavement Management Systems for Local Agencies,” two documents were produced including a state-of-the-art/state-of-the-practice synthesis and a set of guidelines to assist local agencies in selecting and implementing a pavement management system that is suitable for their needs.

This synthesis document provides details on pavement management systems in terms of data collection methodologies and rating systems, software programs, and local agency implementations in the U.S.  Also documented are the results of a current practice survey disseminated to local agencies in Illinois, as well as case studies of selected agencies in Illinois that have a pavement management system implemented in their jurisdictions.

The final report is posted on ICT’s Publications Page.

PIs: Wolters, Zimmerman (APTech); Schattler, Rietgraf (Bradley University)

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) survey methodology was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, adopted by the American Public Works Association and ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials), and documented in  ASTM D6433, Standard Test Method for Roads and Parking Lots Pavement Condition Index Surveys (ASTM 2009). The PCI methodology is a rating system that measures the pavement integrity and surface operational condition based on a 100-point rating scale, as shown above.