UIUC and ICT Researchers Present on Over 50 Topics at TRB

The University of Illinois and the Illinois Center for Transportation had a strong showing at the annual meeting of the TRB. The following is a list of topics presented on by ICT and UIUC affiliated researchers:

12-0102: Prediction of Potential Cracking Failure Modes in Three-Dimensional Airfield Rigid Pavements with Existing Cracks and Flaws. By Evangelista, Francisco, Roesler, Jeffery R., Duarte, Carlos Armando. (Sponsored by Airport Cooperative Research Program & FAA)

12-0726: Early-Age Performance of Warm Stone Matrix Asphalt. By Imad L. Al-Qadi, Hao Wang, Jongeun Baek, Zhen Leng, and Matt Doyen, Steven Gillen

12-0727: Impact of Environment-Friendly Wide-Base Tires on Pavements. By Hao Wang and Imad L. AL-Qadi.

12-0866: Early-age Performance Characterization of Evotherm SMA: Laboratory Testing Using Plant-compacted Specimens and On-site Stiffness Measurement. By Imad Al-Qadi, Zhen Leng; Jongeun Baek; Hao Wang; Matt Doyen. (Sponsored by Illinois Tollway Authorities)

12-0936: Development of Wavelet Technique for Railroad Ballast Fouling Condition Quantification Development of Wavelet Technique for Railroad Ballast Fouling Condition Quantification Using Ground Penetrating Radar Data. By Pengcheng Shangguan, Imad L. Al-Qadi and Zhen Leng. (Sponsored by Association American Railroads)

12-1145: Joint Optimization of Pavement Maintenance and Resurfacing Planning. By Gu, Weihua; Ouyang, Yanfeng; Madanat, Samer. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1524: Evaluating the Response Of Perpetual Pavements Using Full Scale Accelerated Loading Tests. By Shad Sargand, Munir D. Nazzal, and Jaime A. Hernandez. (Sponsored by ODOT and FHWA).

12-1725: Field Application of Ground Penetrating Radar for Asphalt Mixture Density Measurement: A Case Study of Illinois Route 72 Overlay. By Zhen Leng; Imad L. Al-Qadi; Pengcheng Shangguan. (Sponsored by FAA and CEAT)

12-1865: Periodic Rail Inspection Scheduling in Railroad Networks Peng, Fan; Ouyang, Yanfeng; Somani, Kamalesh. (Sponsored by CSX Transportation)

12-1858: Joint Inventory-Location Problem Under Risk of Probabilistic Facility Disruptions. By Chen, Qi; Li, Xiaopeng; Ouyang, Yanfeng . (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1859: Biofuel Supply Chain Design Under Competitive Agricultural Land Use and Feedstock Market Equilibrium. By Bai, Yun; Ouyang, Yanfeng; Pang, Jong-Shi. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1860: Competitive Supply Chain Design for Emerging Industries. By Bai, Yun; Ouyang, Yanfeng; Pang, Jong-Shi. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1866: Prediction and Field Validation of Traffic Oscillation Propagation Under Nonlinear Car-Following Laws. By Li, Xiaopeng; Wang, Xin; Ouyang, Yanfeng. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1861: Integrated Planning of Biofuel Supply Chain Networks and Multimodal Infrastructure Expansion. By Hajibabai, Leila; Ouyang, Yanfeng. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1870: Production Team Scheduling in Railroad Networks. By Peng, Fan; Ouyang, Yanfeng (Sponsored by CSX Transportation)

12-1948: Reliable Pickup Locations for Transit-Based Evacuation Under the Risk of Service Disruptions. By An, Shi; Cui, Na; Li, Xiaopeng; Ouyang, Yanfeng. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-1949: Robust Optimization of Checkpoint Locations for Drunk Driver Interception. By An, Shi; Cui, Jianxun; Wang, Jian; Peng, Fan; Ouyang, Yanfeng. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-2067: Temperature Predictions in Two-Layer Pavement System Subjected to Rapid Transient Thermal Loadings. By Wang, Dong (Federal Highway Administration), Roesler, Jeffery R., Hammons, Michael I. – (U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory) (Sponsored by U.S. Air Force)

12-2095: Strategy Analysis Using Treatment Transition Matrices of In-service Pavement Condition Data. By Adam Beach, Gilbert Y. Baladi, Tyler Dawson, Christopher Dean, Syed Waqar Haider and Karim Chatti. (Sponsored by FHWA)

12-2180: New Image Analysis Technique for Aggregate Morphology Analysis Using Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Method. By Wenjuan Sun, Linbing Wang, and Erol Tutumluer. (Sponsored by NCHRP 4-34)

12-2232: Achieving Desired Volumetrics and Performance for High-RAP Mixtures. By Qazi Aurangzeb, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Ibrahim M. Abuawad, William J. Pine, James S. Trepanier. (Sponsored by IDOT , ICT Project # R27-37)

12-2746: Trade-offs Between Inductive Loops and GPS Probe Vehicles for Travel Time Estimation: Mobile Century Case Study. By Mazaré, Pierre-Emmanuel – Telenav, Inc.; Tossavainen, Olli-Pekka – NAVTEQ; Bayen, Alexandre – University of California, Berkeley; Work, Daniel B. (Sponsored by Caltrans)

12-2251: Performance Evaluation of Uncrushed Aggregates in Unsurfaced Road Applications Through Accelerated Pavement Testing . By Debakanta Mishra, Erol Tutumluer, and Greg Heckel. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT R27-81)

12-2589: Gradation Effects Influencing Mechanical Properties of Aggregate Base and Granular Subbase Materials in Minnesota . By Yuanjie Xiao, Erol Tutumluer, Yu Qian, and John Siekmeier. (Sponsored by Minnesota DOT)

12-3261: Effects of Anti-Stripping Additives/Modifiers on Illinois Susceptible Mixes. By Ibrahim Abuawad, Imad Al-Qadi, and James Trepanier. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT R27-78).

12-3299: Ranking System to Select Nondestructive Technologies for Asphalt Pavement Compaction. By Robert Shmitt, Ahmed Faheem, Imad Al-Qadi

12-3395: Comparison of Nondestructive Testing Methods for Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Deck. By Oh, Taekeun, Kee, Seong-Hoon (Rutgers University), Popovics, John, Arndt, Ralf, FHWA, Zhu, Jinying, University of Texas, Austin.

12-3438: Inferring Road Maps from GPS Traces: Survey and Comparative Evaluation. By James Biagioni, Jakob Eriksson. (Sponsored by National Science Foundation)

12-3439: Assessment of Subsurface Deformation in Unsurfaced Pavements Using Ground-Penetrating Radar. By Debakanta Mishra, Erol Tutumluer, Zhen Leng, and Imad L. Al-Qadi. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT R27-81)

12-3449: Assessment of Subsurface Deformation in Unsurfaced Pavements Using Ground Penetrating Radar. By Deb Mishra, Erol Tutumluer, Zhen Leng, Imad Al-Qadi

12-3565: Construction and Field Performance of Thin and Durable Asphalt Wearing Course. By Songsu Son, Imad L. Al-Qadi ,and Thomas G. Zehr. (Sponsored by IDOT)

12-3495: Effects of Material Blending on Strength, Modulus, and Deformation Characteristics of Recycled Concrete Aggregates. By Kazmee, Hasan; Tutumluer, Erol; Mishra, Debakanta; Boler, Huseyin; Roesler, Jeffery R.

12-4264: Influence of Filler Fractional Voids on Mastic and Mixture Performance. By Ahmed Faheem, Cassie Hintz, Hussein Bahia, Imad Al-Qadi..

12-4455: Evaluation of Low-Temperature Cracking Performance of Warm-Mix Asphalt Mixtures. By Brian Hill, Behzad Behnia, Salman Hakimzadeh, William Buttlar, Henrique Reis (Sponsored by OMP)

12-4444: Effect of Pavement Roughness on User Costs. By Shahidul Islam and William G. Buttlar. (Sponsored by NEXTRANS)

12-4503: Using MOVES and AERMOD models for PM2.5 Conformity Hot-Spot Air Quality Modeling. By Suriya Vallamsundar and Jane Lin. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT Project # R-27-93)

12-4547: Evaluation of Bonding between HMA Layers Produced with Different Tack Coat Application Rates using Shear-type and Tension-type Tests. By Salman Hakimzadeh, William G. Buttlar, Rudolph santarromana (Sponsored by IBT)

12-3261: Effects of Anti-Stripping Additives/Modifiers on Illinois Moisture-Susceptible Mixes. By Ibrahim Abuawad, Imad Al-Qadi & James Trepanier. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT Project # R27-78)

P12-5013: Evaluation of 3D Laser Scanning for Construction Applications. By Kerry T. Slattery and Dianne K. Slattery. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT R27-30)

P12-5231: Investigation of a Full-Lane Acoustic Scanning Method for Bridge Deck NDE, NCHRP IDEA Project 134. By Popovics, John.

12-5234: Acoustic Emission-Based Test to Determine Asphalt Binder and Mixture Embrittlement Temperature. By Behzad Behnia, William Buttlar, Henrique Reis. (Sponsored by NCHRP IDEA Project 144)

P12-5403: Performance Measures: How Do You Size and Fit Them Up? By Morocoima-Black, Rita. (Sponsored by Metropolitan Policy, Planning, and Processes (ADA20)

P12-5758: Effect of Nonuniform Support on Concrete Pavement Performance. By Roesler, Jeffery R. (Sponsored by Iowa State University/FHWA)

AFD70 committee meeting: Warm Mix Overlay Curing and Time for Traffic Opening. By Zhen Leng; Angeli Gamez; Al-Qadi, Imad L; Baek, Jongeun; Wang, Hao; Doyen, Matt

AFD50 subcommittee meeting: A Multi-Scale Approach to Predict Multi-Site Damage Failure in 3-D Airfield Slabs. By Evangelista, jr, F., Roesler, Duarte, A. (Sponsored by Airport Cooperative Research Program & FAA)

AFK40 committee meeting: Field Optimization of Regular and No Track Tack Coat Application Rate. By Alejandro Salinas, Khaled Hasiba, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Hasan Ozer, Zhen Leng, Enad Mahmoud, Derek C. Parish, Stephen J. Worsfold. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT Project # R27-100)

AFK50 committee meeting: Near-Surface Cracking Analysis due to Various Combinations of Non-Uniform Contact Stresses. By Hasan Ozer, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Carlos A. Duarte, Hao Wang. (Sponsored by NEXTRANS)

ANB50 committee meeting: Role of Alcohol in Wrong-Way Driving Crashes in Illinois. By Jiguang Zhao, Huaguo Zhou, Dave Piper, and Priscilla Tobias. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT Project # R27-90)

AHB10 committee meeting: IDOT Highway Incident Management Training Program. By Geno Koehler, Huaguo Zhou, and Ryan Fries. (Sponsored by IDOT, ICT Project # R27-118)

AHD55 committee meeting: Development of a Pavement Marking Condition Index from Retroreflectivity and Presence Measurements. By Carmine Dwyer.

Presentation for “Enterprise GIS: Return on Investment” Workshop, Session 122: Benefits Determination for GIS in Transportation. By James Hall. (Sponsored by the TRB Geographic Information Science and Applications Committee ABJ60)

Presentation: Validation of Hot-Poured Crack Sealant Performance-Based Guidelines. By Hasan Ozer, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Seyed Saleh Yousefi, and Guillermo Elizalde. (Sponsored by FHWA pooled fund TPF5 225)