Student Earn Degrees; Accept Positions

Post-doctoral researcher Zhen Leng recently accepted an assistant professor position at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His thesis is entitled, “Prediction of the In-Situ Asphalt Mixture Desnsity Using Ground Penetrating Radar: Theoretical Development and Field Verification.”

Doctoral student Debakanta Mishra graduated this spring. He has decided to stay on with ICT as a post-doctoral researcher. His thesis is entitled, “Aggregate Characteristcs Affecting Response and Performance of Unsurfaced Pavements on Weak Subgrades.”

Several graduate students earned their master’s degrees this spring. Graduates and the titles of their theses are listed below.

Armen Armirkhanian; “Properties of Functionally Graded Concrete Slabs”

Huseyin Boler; “On the Sheer Strength of Polyurethane Coated Railroad Ballast”

Alexander Brand; “Fractionated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (FRAP) as a Coarse Aggregate Replacement in a Ternary Blended Concrete Pavement”

Stephanie Graves; “Electro-Optical Sensor Evaluation on Airfield Pavement”

Khaled Hasiba; “Development of a Testing Approach for Tack Coat Application Rate at Pavement Layer Interface”

Nathan Kebede; “Development of an Alternative Test to Obtain Asphalt Mixture Creep Compliance at Low Temperatures”

Alejandro Salinas; “Optimization of In-Situ Tack Coat Application Rate and Installation”

No thesis Option:

Guillermo Elizalde Castro and  Seong Hwan Cho