Graduate Transportation Courses Offered Online by University of Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Department of Civil and Envionmental Engineering, one of the top departments in the nation, offers several online graduate courses in transportation each semester. Students can complete an entire master of science degree online (apply here), take three classes for a certificate in a specified area, or take a class as a non-degree student and earn professional development hours and credit to transfer to a degree or certificate program.

Courses offered online for the Spring 2013 semester included the following:

CEE 407 Airport Design

CEE 411 Railroad Project Design & Construction

CEE 498T Public Transportation

CEE 498HR High-Speed Rail Construction Management

CEE 503 Construction Materials Deterioration

CEE 506 Pavement Design/Analysis II

CEE 598SS Transportation Soil Stabilization

Summer and fall course offerings will be finalized by March 1. The preliminary list is as follows:

Summer 2013:
CEE 407 Airport Design
CEE 498HR High-Speed Rail Planning

Fall 2013:
CEE 406 Pavement Design/Analysis I
CEE 409 Railroad Track Engineering
CEE 498HR High-Speed Rail Engineering
CEE 508 Pavement Rehabilitation
CEE 509 Transportation Soils

For more information about online transporation classes, visit the CEE Online website .