ICT Executive Committee Approves Nine New Projects and Three Project Extensions

The ICT Executive Committee met in Springfield, Illinois, on April 29, 2013. ICT Director Imad Al-Qadi provided an ICT update on the IDOT-funded research program, and the committee considered requests for added or new research funding. After reviewing the funding recommendations from its eight Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), the Executive Committee approved expansions (with extensions) for three current ICT research projects, at a cost of $336,700:

R27-94: Performance Evaluation of Snow and Ice Plows (PI Souhail Elhouar, Bradley University; TRP Chair Tim Peters, IDOT)

R27-111: Effects of Intersection Right-Turn Lane Design and Skew on Safety and Operations (PI Kerrie Schattler, Bradley University; TRP Chair Sean Coyle, IDOT)

R27-131: Leveraging Traffic & Surveillance Video Cameras for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Counts (PI Jakob Eriksson, University of Illinois at Chicago; TRP Chair Rob Robinson, IDOT)

The committee also approved nine new research projects with an estimated cost of $2,905,300:

R27-138: Options and Recommendations for Web Database of Material and Construction Inspection

R27-140: Effectiveness of Exterior Beam Rotation Prevention Systems for Bridge Deck Construction
R27-141: Effective Post-Construction Best Management Practices to Infiltrate and Retain Storm Water Run-Off
R27-142: Evaluation of Software Simulation of Road Weather Information System
R27-143: Tree Establishment in Response to Hydrology at IDOT Wetland Mitigation Sites
R27-144: Development and Implementation of Updated Urban Regional Flood Frequency Equations for Illinois — Phase 2
R27-145: Modified Standard Penetration Test-Based Drilled Shaft Design Method for Weak Rocks — Phase 2
R27-146: Ultrasonic Tomography for Concrete Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Quality Assurance

ICT will be working with IDOT in the coming month to determine the most appropriate researchers and technical review panel chairs. In late June, ICT plans to solicit competitive proposals for several of the newly-approved research projects. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be available on the ICT website. To be notified when RFPs are posted, please subscribe to our mailing list.