ICT Staff Profile: Aaron Coenen

Aaron Coenen, Senior Research Engineer, has been on staff at ICT since January 2012. At the Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Lab (ATREL), Coenen conducts many tasks to ensure operations run smoothly and that ICT continues to produce top-notch research. Some of these items include: performing preventive maintenance for all laboratory equipment, developing and implementing innovative applications for ground penetrating radar, and making improvements to data collection of full-scale testing using the Accelerated Transportation Loading Assembly (ATLAS).

Additionally, Coenen works directly on several research projects. He is currently a co-principal investigator for project R27-44-T1: IDOT Pavement Design Course Development. He coordinated field sampling/coring and testing apparatus modification for R27-100: Best Practices for Implementation of Tack Coat. Coenen also has conducted field evaluation for a crack sealant application study that is part of a pooled-fund study that involves seven states and Ontario. He is also assisting with field sampling, full-scale testing, and laboratory material characterization for a wide-base tire project being conducted at ATREL for the FHWA.

Coenen says he enjoys the fast pace of ATREL and the group of good-natured coworkers, faculty, staff, and students that he works with everyday. He particularly enjoys mentoring and working with graduate students, stating, “I think as a recent graduate myself, I am able to connect with the students and provide unique insight to help them along as they juggle studies and life.”

Coenen holds a PhD in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and MS and BS degrees in civil engineering and mechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Prior to joining ICT, he worked as a research engineer and teaching assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has an EIT certification from Wisconsin.