TRP Chair Spotlight: Kyle D. Armstrong

Kyle Armstrong, Engineering and Standards Unit Chief for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Operations, currently serves as Technical Review Panel (TRP) chair or co-chair on two ICT/IDOT research projects related to traffic operations and roadside maintenance:

R27-127: Safety and Efficiency Benefits of Implementing Adaptive Signal Control Technology in Illinois. The objective of this project is to measure the increase in safety and efficiency of signalized arterial systems through the use of adaptive signal control technologies. In this research, an adaptive signal control system that can quickly adjust traffic signal timing based on real-time demand will be installed near the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Anticipated outcomes of the project include development of a crash modification factor for use in safety analyses and support for use of adaptive signal controls as an additional countermeasure for improving safety at high-crash locations in Illinois and throughout the United States.

R27-151: Investigating the Optimum Performance of Reflective Pavement Markers. In this project, scheduled to start soon, the research team will investigate the installation and performance of various types of snowplowable raised reflective pavement markers and similar devices to determine optimum solutions and policies for roadways in Illinois. Raised pavement markers enhance the nighttime visibility of lane delineation, especially during rain. However, the reflective lenses last only three years on average, and the marker castings occasionally dislodge from the pavement, becoming a hazard to motorists. Through this research, IDOT hopes to update state policies related to pavement markers, along with maintenance and installation practices to increase their durability. TRP co-chair for the project is Kelly Morse, Analytical Lab Supervisor for IDOT’s Bureau of Materials and Physical Research.

Armstrong also served as TRP chair for ICT/IDOT project R27-096, Pedestrian/Bicyclist Warning Devices and Signs at Highway-Rail and Pathway-Rail Grade Crossings, which issued a report of its findings in April 2013.

Armstrong, who has been with IDOT for 15 years, is a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Before joining IDOT’s Bureau of Operations, he held other positions in IDOT, primarily at the District 6 office as traffic signal engineer and traffic operations engineer. He is licensed as Professional Engineer in Illinois and is a certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer through the Institute of Transportation Engineers.