Recent ICT/IDOT Research Reports Online

The following reports from recently completed IDOT-sponsored projects are now available on ICT’s website. 

R27-090: Investigation of Contributing Factors Regarding Wrong-Way Driving on Freeways, Phase II. This report summarizes the two major tasks completed in the second phase of this project: (1) organizing a national wrong-way driving (WWD) summit and (2) developing guidelines for reducing WWD on freeways. In addition to the report, the summit proceedings and the guidelines are available online, along with the report from Phase I of this project.

R27-160: Illinois Highway Materials Sustainability Efforts (2014 Update). This report presents the sustainability efforts of IDOT in recycling and reclaiming materials for use in highway construction during 2014.

R27-SP29: Thermodynamics Between RAP/RAS and Virgin Aggregates During Asphalt Concrete Production—A Literature Review. A literature search was conducted on predicting the virgin aggregate temperature required to dry and heat reclaimed asphalt pavement/recycled asphalt shingles (RAP/RAS) in a hot-mix asphalt (HMA) production plant. The study also included an assessment of HMA plant operation and production procedures, application of thermodynamics and heat transfer principles, measurement of moisture content in virgin aggregates and in RAP and RAS, and recording of virgin aggregate temperatures in a drum plant.