President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Visits ICT

On March 28, ICT hosted a visit by the president of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, along with the deans of JUST’s Faculties of Engineering and Pharmacy, Yahia Qawasmi and Karem Al-Zoubi, respectively.jordan visit

Upon arrival, the visitors were presented a brief overview of the history of the Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Lab (ATREL) and the major research areas undertaken at the center. They were then taken on a tour of the lab facilities, where they met ATREL engineers and graduate students—a great number of whom are alumni of JUST—and engaged in several discussions focused on the latest technologies and best practices in the field.

JUST maintains a high reputation and standard among universities in the Middle East. It is considered one of the premier institutions of higher education for engineering and medicine in Jordan. The university comprises 12 faculties and 55 departments providing 52 bachelor’s degree and 95 postgraduate programs. JUST is a fast-growing and dynamic university. Though young, the university has expanded dramatically since its inception in 1986. The university started with 110 faculty members; now it hosts 750 faculty, of which 109 are full professors. The steady enrollment of the student body is grounded on the university’s vision to raise and maintain the standards of higher education in Jordan, in parallel with national educational policies.