New ICT/IDOT Special Project Evaluates I-FIT Results

ICT and IDOT recently initiated a new special project focusing on the Illinois Flexibility Index Text (I-FIT), which was developed as part of a previous ICT/IDOT project, Testing Protocols to Ensure Performance of High Asphalt Binder Replacement Mixes Using RAP & RAS (R27-128).

The new project, Evaluation of I-FIT Results and Machine Variability Using MnROAD Test Track Mixtures (R27-SP31), compares I-FIT results on two machine types—screw-drive and servo-hydraulic—using materials collected from the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s MnROAD test track. Researchers will also examine the effect of machine compliance on I-FIT results and determine correction factors, if any, that should be applied based on machine type.

The principal investigator for the special project is Hasan Ozer, research assistant professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Technical Review panel will be led by Tom Zehr of IDOT’s Bureau of Materials and Physical Research.