Recent ICT/IDOT Report Publications

Several reports from recently completed IDOT-sponsored projects are now available on ICT’s website:

R27-SP34: Evaluation of Various Tack Coat Materials Using Interface Shear Device and Recommendations on a Simplified Device. This report provides a written analysis of the properties in various tack coat materials using the Interface Shear Testing Device (ISTD) and provides recommendations for a simplified shear testing device that can be integrated to the testing frames at the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

R27-161: Utilizing Lab Tests to Predict Asphalt Concrete Overlay Performance. A series of five experimental projects and three demonstration projects were constructed to better understand the performance of pavement overlays using various levels of asphalt binder replacement (ABR) from reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), recycled asphalt shingles (RAS), and crushed concrete. The study of these projects prior to construction, during construction, and for a short monitoring period after construction is intended to determine the impact of various pre-existing pavement conditions, pavement cross-section, mix design, and material properties on the ultimate performance of the asphalt concrete (AC) overlay. This final report is the third report on this research project. Two interim reports that documented project construction and performance to date have been previously published. This report documents final material testing, performance data collection of distress, and profile surveys after construction. (The first interim report, published in February 2016, is available here. The second interim report, published in February 2017, is available here.)

R27-154: Effect of Early-Age Concrete Elastic Properties on Fatigue Damage in PCC Pavements Containing Fibers. This report documents the testing, construction, and performance of surface AC mixes with a variety with ABR levels, ABR types, and different asphalt binder grades, to allow the evaluation and comparison of the impact of recycled materials on pavement performance. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is revising current specifications for opening new PCC (Portland cement concrete) pavements to traffic. These revisions will help keep closure times at a minimum by specifying the required concrete strength for resisting early-age fatigue damage. An extensive experimental program was conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago to determine the elastic properties of IDOT pavement (PV) and patch (PP1, PP2) mixes at early concrete age.

R27-145: Modified Standard Penetration Test-Based Drilled Shaft Design Method for Weak Rocks. This report documents the research of the project titled “Modified Standard Penetration Test–based Drilled Shaft Design Method for Weak Rocks (Phase 2 study).” In this phase of the project, the research team focused on the load-transfer mechanism of axially loaded drilled shafts socketed into weak, fine-grained rocks (e.g., weak shales). We also enhanced and verified the method of characterization of weak shales and the design procedure developed during Phase 1 of this study (Stark et al. 2013). The new design procedure will improve safety and reduce the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT’s) deep-foundation costs for future bridge structures.

In addition, the following research projects have recently started:

R27-182: Size and Shape Determination of the Rip Rap and Large Sized Aggregates Using Field Imaging (Started 1/1/18)

R27-189: Evaluation of Data Trends and Variability in the Quality for Performance (QCP) and Pay for Performance (PFP) Programs (Started 1/1/18)