The Kent Seminar Series

The spring series of the Kent Seminars starts February 1st with a presentation of a model to predict creep compliance of asphalt mixtures by Illinois Center for Transportation’s senior sustainability implementation engineer David Lippert.

Later in the semester, the following Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate students will present their latest research findings:

Issam Qamhia: Field Performance Evaluation of Quarry By-products Used in Unbound Aggregate Layers Constructed over Soft Subgrade

Erman Gungor: Development of a Proposed Overweight Vehicle Permit Fee Structure in Illinois

Egemen Okte: Development of Machine Compliance Factor for the Illinois Flexibility Index Test (I-FIT)

Zehui Zhu: Effect of I-FIT Configuration on Test Results of Asphalt Mixtures

All Kent Seminars take place at the Illinois Center for Transportation. For attendees’ convenience, the program offers live-streaming via YouTube.

The first half of the 2017-18 Kent Seminar series wrapped up November 2nd with a presentation by UIUC master’s student Shan Zhao. Zhao lectured on the development of ground-penetration radar (GPR) data analysis algorithms for predicting thin asphalt overlay thickness.

Tim Rushing presenting on the past, present, and future of airfields amnd pavement research at the U.S. Army ERDC.

This semester a wide array of transportation topics were explored by a variety of presenters, including:

  • Timothy Rushing (chief, Airfields and Pavements Branch of the Geotechnical and Structures Lab, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center) on the past, present, and future of airfields and pavement research at the U.S. Army ERDC
  • Quang Tran (Ph.D. candidate, CEE at UIUC) on the rapid detection of concrete joint activation from normalized shear wave transmission energy
  • Silvia Caro Spinel (professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of the Andes in Columbia) on the mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures in partial saturation conditions
  • Mohammad Nabian (research assistant, UIUC) on the deep learning for accelerated reliability analysis of infrastructure networks

The Kent Seminar series can be viewed on YouTube Live and includes a chat box feature that allows the viewer to participate in the sessions. YouTube Live’s chat feature requires a YouTube login, which is free to sign up for at, the day of the presentation. The Kent Seminar series runs every Thursday during the academic semester at 12:30 p.m. You can also visit the Kent Seminar Series Video Archive to see past presentations.