ICT Projects

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2008 RILEM Conference on Cracking in Pavement (Special Project) (R27-SP06)

8th International Conference on Bearing Capacity of Roads (R27-028-T3)

AIMS Implementation - Investigation of Relationships between AIMS Shape Properties and VST Friction Values (Special Project) (R27-SP27)

Alternative Intersections: Roundabout Evaluation and Design (R27-021)

An Expert Systems Approach to Highway Construction Scheduling (R27-086)

Analysis of I-57 Recycled CRCP Cores (Special Project) (R27-SP11)

Analysis of Superstructures of Integral Abutment Bridges (R27-115)

Best Management Practices and Incentives to Expedite Utility Relocation (not yet started) (R27-153)

Best Practices for Implementation of Tack Coat TRP Recommendations (R27-100)

Binder / Mixture Testing & Analysis - Addition to R28 Mechanistic Design (R28-002)

Bridge Decks: Mitigation of Cracking & Increased Durability (R27-088)

Bridge Decks: Mitigation of Shrinkage Cracking (Phase 2 Study) (R27-139)

Bus-Only Shoulder Riding (R27-005)

Calibration & Refinement of Illinois' Earthquake Resisting System Bridge Design Methodology (R27-070)

Calibration and Refinement of Illinois Earthquake Resisting System Bridge Design Methodology, Phase II (R27-133)

Characterization of IL Aggregates for Subgrade Replacement and Subbase (R27-001)

Chicago Bridge Columns (Special Project) (R27-SP02)

Chloride Reduction Training (R27-147)

Clearview Font in Traffic Signs: Assessing IDOT Experiences and Needs (R27-075)

Cold In-Place Recycling with Asphalt Products (CIRwAP) (R27-012)

Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) (R27-014)

Concrete Distress Identification (R53)

Context Sensitive Solutions Online Training Course Development (R27-039)

Cost-Effectiveness and Performance of Overlay Systems in IL / Reflective Crack Control (R58)

Crack Induction in Cement Stabilized Layers (not yet started) (R27-158)

Crash Data Analysis and Engineering Solutions for Local Agencies (R27-018)

Data Analysis for Local Roadway Safety Assessments (Special Project) (R27-SP25)

DeKalb County Bridge Collapse Investigation (Special Project) (R27-SP12)

Design and Concrete Material Requirements for Ultra-Thin Whitetopping Procedures (R27-003)

Designing, Producing & Constructing Fine-Graded Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) on IL Roadways (R27-079)

Determination of Usable Residual Asphalt Binder in RAP (R27-011)

Develop Safety Performance Functions (SPF) for Illinois (R27-020)

Develop Travel Reliability Inventory for Highway Networks (R27-084)

Developing Best Practices (BPs) for Bicycle Trail Construction & Maintenance in Illinois (Special Project) (R27-SP18)

Development & Implementation of Updated Urban Regional Flood Frequency Equations for Illinois (Phase 2 Study) (R27-144)

Development of a Highway Incident Management Operational & Training Guide (R27-064)

Development of a Highway Incident Management Operational & Training Guide - Phase 2 (R27-118)

Development of an Improved Specification for Maximum Plastic Concrete Temperatures (R27-038)

Development of Improved Overlay Thickness Design Alternatives for Local Roads (R27-130)

Development of Low-Water Crossing Design Guidelines for Very Low ADT Routes in Illinois (not yet started) (R27-148)

Development of Public Right-of Way Accessibility Guideline (PROWAG) Resource Material (R27-136)

Development of Standard for Lifting Loops in Shallow Precast Deck Beams (R54)

Distance Technology Transfer Course Content Development (R27-073)

Documentation of Contract Quantities Training (R27-049)

Effect of Early-Age Concrete Elastic Properties on Fatigue Damage in PCC Pavements Containing Fibers (not yet started) (R27-154)

Effective Post-Construction Best Management Practices to Infiltrate & Retain Storm Water Run-Off (R27-141)

Effectiveness of Exterior Beam Rotation Prevention Systems for Bridge Deck Construction (R27-140)

Effectiveness of Innovative Speed Enforcement Techniques in Illinois (R27-066)

Effectiveness of Transit Strategies Targeting Elderly People (R27-017)

Effects of Flaggers & Spotters in Directing Work Zone Traffic for Illinois Freeways & Expressways (R27-109)

Effects of Intersection Right-Turn Lane Design & Skew on Safety & Operations (R27-111)

Enhancements to the Highway Construction Expert System, Phase 2 (R27-135)

Evaluating All-Weather Pavement Markings & Lab Methods to Simulate Field Exposure (R27-120)

Evaluating of Traffic Flow Monitoring Technologies: Cicero-Midway Smart Corridor Case Study (R27-091)

Evaluating Pavement Markings on Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) & Various Asphalt Surfaces (R27-077)

Evaluating the Effects of Various Asphalt Binder Additives/Modifiers of Moisture Sensitivity in HMA (R27-078)

Evaluation and Implementation of Improved CRCP And JPCP Design (R57)

Evaluation of 3-D Laser Scanning for Construction Applications (R27-030)

Evaluation of 3-D Laser Scanning Equipment (R27-045-T1)

Evaluation of Concrete Cylinder Match Curing & Evaluation of 4" x 8" Cylinders (R27-098)

Evaluation of Flashing Yellow Arrows (FYA) for Protected/Permissive Left Turn (PPLT) Control (R27-097)

Evaluation of HMA Overlays in Illinois (R27-023)

Evaluation of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) (Special Project) (R27-SP16)

Evaluation of Pavement Damage Due to New Tire Designs (R59)

Evaluation of PCC Pavement and Structure Coring and In Situ Testing Alternatives (R27-137)

Evaluation of Performance of Solar Powered Flashing Beacons (R27-059)

Evaluation of Porous Granular Embankment Materials Used as Pavement Subgrade/Granular Subbase (R27-124)

Evaluation of Software Simulation of Road Weather Information System (not started) (R27-142)

Evaluation of the Effect of RAS on IDOT Asphalt Mixtures (Special Project) (R27-SP19)

Evaluation of the Long-Term Durability of Joints Cut Using Early-Entry Saws on Rigid Pavements (R27-063)

Evaluation of Wireless Detection Systems at RR Crossings & Signalized Intersections (R27-058)

Evaluation/Modification of IDOT Foundation Piling Design and Construction Policy (R27-024)

Expansive Characteristics of Reclaimed Asphalt (R27-027)

Fatigue Testing of Brass Breakaway Couplings (R27-080)

Field Evaluation of Smart Sensor Vehicle Detectors at Intersections & RR Crossings (R27-095)

Field Implementation and Evaluation of the Simple Cost-Effective Scour Sensor (R27-071)

Field Performance Evaluations of IL Aggregates for Subgrade Replacement & Subbase - Phase II (R27-081)

Formability of New High Performance Grade 50 Structural Steel (R27-106)

Free-Cutting Brass Breakaway Couplings (R27-026)

Good Movement Study in IL: Applications to Freight Transportation & Logistics (R27-083)

Green Friendly Best Management Practices (BMP) for Interstate Rest Areas (R27-074)

Green Friendly Best Management Practices (BMP) for Interstate Rest Areas - Phase 2 (R27-103)

Guidelines, Site Selection, and Design for Implementing Truck Parking/Rest Facilities in Chicago's South Suburbs (R27-051)

Highway Maintenance Manpower Needs Study (Special Project) (R27-SP04)

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Sampling (R27-008)

I-39 Kishwaukee Bridge Monitoring (R27-009)

IDOT Pavement Design Course Development (R27-044-T1)

Illinois Carbon Monoxide Screen for Intersection Modeling (COSIM) 2012 Update (Special Project) (R27-SP21)

Illinois Drainage Laws Update (Special Project) (R27-SP23)

Illinois Highway Safety Manual Workshop (R27-089)

Illinois StreamStats (R27-006)

Impact of High RAP Content on Pavement Structural Performance (R27-037)

Impact of HPMS Sample Counting for 24 Hours Versus 48 Hours (Special Project) (R27-SP22)

Implementation of AIMS in Measuring Aggregate Resistance to Polishing, Abrasion, Breakage (R27-129)

Implementing Pavement Management Systems for Local Agencies (R27-087)

Improved Design for Driven Piles Based on a Pile Load Test Program in Illinois (R27-069)

Improvement for Determining the Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts in Shale in Illinois (R27-099)

Improvement of Driven Pile Installation and Design in Illinois: Phase 2 (R27-122)

Improvement of IDOT Bridge Scour Estimation Method at Sites with Cohesive Soils Using SRICOS Zmax - Phase 2 (R27-105)

Improving the Effectiveness of Nighttime Temporary Traffic Control Warning Devices (R27-108)

Improving the Effectiveness of Smart Work Zone Technologies (not yet started) (R27-155)

Incorporating NEPA into the IDOT and MPO Planning Process (R27-132)

Installation & Performance Testing of Ditch Checks & Inlet Protection Structures (R27-102)

Instrumentation & Monitoring of Extreme Integral Abutment Bridges in Illinois (R27-055)

Investigating the Optimum Performance of Reflective Pavement Markers (not yet started) (R27-151)

Investigation of Contributing Factors of Wrong-Way Driving on Freeways (R27-090)

Investigation of Methods & Approaches for Collecting & Recording Highway Inventory Data (R27-116)

LED Roadway Lighting Evaluation and Field Testing (R27-076)

Leveraging Traffic and Surveillance Video Cameras for Urban Traffic (R27-131)

Load Testing of Rapid Deployment Plate & Tube Short-Span Bridge for County Roads (Cancelled 7/2/13) (R27-107)

Material Quality Testing Risk Assessment & Multi-State Peer Exchange (R27-062)

Mechanistic-Empirical Design, Implementation & Monitoring for Flexible Pavements (Ended 6/08) (R28-001)

Mechanistic-Empirical (M-E) Design Implementation & Monitoring for Flexible Pavements (not yet started) (R27-149-1)

Mechanistic-Empirical (M-E) Design Implementation & Monitoring for Rigid Pavements (not yet started) (R27-149-2)

Mechanistic-Empirical Design, Implementation & Monitoring for Flexible Pavements (R27-060)

Mechanistic-Empirical Design, Implementation & Monitoring for Rigid Pavements (R27-061)

Median Cable Scanning Tour (Special Project) (R27-SP01)

Midwest Transportation Air Quality Summit (R27-068)

Mobile Source Air Toxics (MSAT): A Midwest Peer Exchange (R27-010)

Modeling Seniors Activity - Travel Data - Phase 2 (R27-113)

Modification of IDOT Integral Abutment Design Limitations and Details (R27-025)

Modified Standard Penetration Test-based Drilled Shaft Design Method for Weak Rocks (Phase 2 Study) (R27-145)

National Safety Performance (SPF) Summit (R27-067)

National State Safety Engineers and Traffic Engineers Peer to Peer Workshop (R27-117)

Native Vegetation Establishment for IDOT Erosion Control BMPs (R27-104)

Nighttime Construction: Evaluation of Lighting Glare for Highway Construction in IL (R27-002)

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Special Project) (R27-SP07)

Nondestructive Pavement Evaluation Using ILLI-PAVE Based Artificial Neural Network Models (R39-002)

Online Training Course Prototype (Special Project) (R27-SP10)

Options & Recommendations for Web Data Base of Material & Construction Inspection (R27-138)

Particulate Matter 2.5 and 10 Hot Spot Analysis: A Midwest Peer Exchange (R27-029)

Pavement Program Planning Process Based on Benefit-Cost Analysis (R27-034)

Pedestrian/Bicyclist Warning Devices & Signs at Hwy.-Rail & Pathway-Rail Grade Crossings (R27-096)

Performance and Acceptance of Self-Consolidating Concrete (R44)

Performance Evaluation of Snow & Ice Plows (R27-094)

Performance of I-57 Recycled Concrete Pavement (R27-041)

Pier Scour Prediction in Cohesive Soils: Use of EFA-SRICOS Method in IL (R27-019)

Plasticity Requrements of the Aggregates as Subbase, Base, Surface, and Shoulder Courses (not yet started) (R27-157)

Profile Equipment Verification (Special Project) (R27-SP09)

Profile Equipment Verification 2009 (Special Project) (R27-SP13)

Profile Equipment Verification FY06 (Special Project) (R27-SP03)

Profile Equipment Verification FY07 (Special Project) (R27-SP05)

Queue and Users' Cost in Highway Work Zones (R27-033)

Radiation Detection Pilot Program (R27-004)

Real-Time Information Dissemination Requirements for Illinois per New Federal Rules (R27-119)

Regional Data Archiving and Management for Northeast Illinois (R27-022)

Regional Warehouse Trip Production (R27-015)

Repair & Strengthening of Distressed/Damaged Ends of Prestressed Beams with CFRP Composites (not yet started) (R27-156)

Restoration Progress & Flood Disturbance at IDOT Wetland Mitigation Sites (R27-114)

Revised Condition Rating Survey models to Reflect All Distresses (not yet started) (R27-150)

Rolling Lane Closures (R27-032)

Rolling Lane Closures - Phase II (R27-072)

Safety and Efficiency Benefits of Implementing Adaptive Signal Control Technology in Illinois (R27-127)

Safety Benefits of Implementing Adaptive Signal Control Technologies (ASCT) (Special Project) (R27-SP20)

Safety Impacts of Highway Shoulder Attributes in Illinois (R27-040)

Simple Cost Effective Scour Sensor (R27-035)

Snowplow Simulator Training Study (Special Project) (R27-SP15)

Speed Photo-Enforcement in Illinois Work Zones (R56)

Storm Water Pollution, Erosion & Sediment Control Products Demonstration & Training Center (R27-054)

Street Lighting Technologies--LED Street Lighting Evaluation, Phase 2 (R27-123)

Strength of Bridge Wood Pilings Retrofits for Moment Resistance (R27-082)

Strengthening of Bridge Wood Pilings Retrofits for Moment Resistance - Phase II (R27-134)

Studying & Minimizing Traffic Related Work Zone Crashes in Illinois (R27-052)

Superiority & Constructability of Fibrous Additives for Bridge Deck Overlays (R27-057)

Sustainable Aggregates Production -- Green Applications for Aggregate By-Products (R27-125)

Tack Coat Optimization For HMA Overlays (R55)

Temporary Stabilization Specification Improvements (R27-126)

test project (R27-12T)

Testing of Portland Cement (Current ASTM C150) with Limestone & Process Addition (ASTM C465) (R27-112)

Testing Protocols to Ensure Performance of High Asphalt Binder Replacement Mixes Using RAP & RAS (R27-128)

Texas-AASHTO Retroreflective Sign Sheeting Specifications (Special Project) (R27-SP14)

Thin Quiet Long-Lasting High Friction Surface Layer (R27-042)

Traffic Operations Lab - Signal Systems Testing (R43)

TrafficTurk Evaluation (Special Project) (R27-SP24)

Training & Implementing Findings of Queue & Users' Costs in Highway Work Zones - Phase 2 (R27-110)

Transfer & Development Lengths in Prestressed Self-Consolidating Concrete Bridge Box & I-Girders (R27-056)

Transfer and Development Length of Prestressing Tendons in Full-scale AASHTO Prestressed Concrete Girders using Self-Consolidating Concrete (R27-036)

Transportation Conformity Particulate Matter Hot-Spot Air Quality Modeling (R27-093)

Travel Demand Modeling for Small & Medium Size MPOs in Illinois (R27-048)

Tree Establishment in Response to Hydrology at IDOT Wetland Mitigation Sites (R27-143)

Trip Chaining Behavior of Senior Travelers & Applications to Public Transportation Planning (R27-050)

Truck Parking Facilities Program Design (R27-016)

Ultrasonic Tomography for Concrete Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Quality Assurance (R27-146)

Update Condition Rating Survey (CRS) Calculation/Prediction Models (R27-013)

Update the IL Carbon Monoxide Screen for Intersections Model (COSIM) (R27-007)

Utah LTAP GIS Software Conversion and Training for IL Use (R27-043)

Validation and Revision of Fees Charged for Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permits (not yet started) (R27-152)

Validation Of Extended Life HMA Pavement Design Concepts (R39-001)

Warm Mix Asphalt Study (Special Project) (R27-SP17)

Website-Test (R27-162)

Wind Powered Electrical Systems: Highway Rest Areas and Weigh Stations and Team Section Buildings (R27-031)

Wireless Internet Service on Trains (Special Project) (R27-SP08)