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June 2014

Roesler Named Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs and Director of Research

Al-Qadi Receives ASCE’s Francis C. Turner Award

March 2014

Illinois Transportation and Highway Engineering Conference Celebrates a Century

Scarpas Addresses Pavement Rejuvenation in Kent Distinguished Lecture

Scarpas to Present Kent Distinguished Lecture March 20

February 2014

Al-Qadi Honored by American Road & Transportation Builders Association

January 2014

ICT and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Transportation Group Present Research at the 93rd Annual TRB Meeting

ICT Welcomes Two New Staff Members

December 2013

Illinois 54th Bituminous Conference Convenes in Champaign

IDOT and FHWA Leadership Visit ICT

November 2013

Al-Qadi to Serve as ASCE T&DI President

Engineer in Residence Visits ICT

New ICT Programs Bring Greater Specialization and Information Dissemination

September 2013

UIUC Hosts the Second International Transportation PHD Student Symposium

August 2013

Submit your Research Ideas by October 1, 2013

3 New RFPs Poted; Due October 1, 2013

July 2013

Burke Named Executive Vice President of Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association

June 2013

Illinois Tollway Funds $1.3 Million ICT Life-Cycle Assessment Project

ICT Has Strong Presence at 2013 Airfield and Highway Pavement Conference

May 2013

ICT Executive Committee Approves Nine New Projects and Three Project Extensions

IDOT Secretary Ann Schneider Announces $2.6 Million Sustainability Partnership with ICT at Kent Distinguished Lecture

April 2013

Paul Kent Distinguished Lecture by Ann L. Schneider, April 30

ICT Posts Two New RFPs; Proposals Due April 30

Older News

99th Annual T.H.E. Conference Held at Illini Union

ICT and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Transportation Group Present Research at 92nd Annual TRB

ICT Faculty, Doctoral Students Travel to China for Doctoral Symposium

Schedule for 2012-13 Documentation of Contract Quantities Classes

ICT/UIUC Researchers Present on 47 Topics at TRB

ICT Adds Two New Research Engineers

ICT Posts Two RFPs, Proposals Due April 18

ICT / IDOT Offers Webinar on RFP #12-1

ATREL Students Demonstrate Asphalt Mixing at 2012 Engineering Open House

Illinois 52nd Annual Bituminous Conference Convenes in Champaign

Illinois Icons 2011 from 52nd Annual Bituminous Conference

Honors Winter 2012

ICT Investigator Spotlight: John Popovics

Jeffery Roesler Receives ACPA Marlin J. Knutson Award for Technical Achievement at ACPA 48th Annual Meeting

Dan Work awarded the 2011 Best PhD Dissertation Award at the 2011 14th IEEE Conference

Executive Committee Approves Five New Research Projects

ICT's Laser Scanning Project Selected as One of Nation's 16 Highest Value

ICT Attends FWD User's Group Meeting

ICT Participates in State Transportation Innovation Leadership Team

Dr. Imad Al-Qadi Receives TRB Member Emeritus Appointment

ICT Student Spotlight: Xiaopeng Li

Investigator Spotlight: Jane Lin

Awards and Honors, Fall 2011

ATREL Hosts Several Visitors

ATREL Hosts International Transportation Expert

Ruedi Awarded Provost Scholarship for Executive MBA

Buttlar Accepts Post as Associate Dean of Graduate College

ATREL Hosts Welcome Back Cookout

ICT and IDOT Sign New $23M 5-Year Funding Agreement

ATREL Earns AASHTO Accreditation

ICT Adds Deputy Director and Systems Engineer

ICT Releases Progress Report for FY 10-11

ICT Student Spotlight: Deb Mishra

ATREL Hosts International Experts

Awards and Honors, Summer 2011

Behzad Behnia Wins 2011 AAPT Scholarship

ICT Director Invited to Speak at Italian Air Force Workshop

ICT Research Useful for IL Construction Program

CEE Offers M.S. Degree Online

ATREL Adds Asphalt Foaming Capabilities

TRB Executive Director Visits ATREL, Speaks at Kent Lecture

ATREL Adds to Its Capabilities

ICT Completes Another Successful Season of Documentation Training

ICT Awards and Honors, Spring 2011

ICT Alumni Spotlight: Joseph Anochie-Boateng

ICT Participates in First T&DI Congress

APT 2012: Call for Papers

7th International RILEM Cracking in Pavements: Call for Papers

ICT Honors Jonguen Baek

ICT Posts Five RFPs due March 15  

ICT Honors Sarfraz Ahmed

ICT Researchers Collaborate with a Diverse Team to Develop a National Sustainable Pavements Program

ICT Investigators Present More than 45 Research Topics at Annual TRB Meeting

ICT Collaborates with the Illinois Tollway on Warm Mix Asphalt

ATREL Hosts Workshop on Bailey Method

ICT Investigator Spotlight: Kerrie Schattler

ICT Student Spotlight: Jinguang Zhao

Winter 2011 Awards and Outreach

ICT Research Evaluates Snowplow Simulation Training

ATREL Hosts Holiday Party

UIUC Researchers Release Report on Chile Earthquake

Illinois Bituminous Conference Convenes in Champaign

ICT Develops Six New Tests Published by AASHTO: ICT Director Collaborates with Virginia Transportation Research Council in National Pooled Fund Phase II Study

ICT Recent Graduate Spotlight: Eshan Dave

ICT Investigator Spotlight: Jeffery Roesler

Nation's Top Transportation Research Official Visits UIUC/ATREL

ICT Honors and Outreach, Fall 2010

ICT Researchers Implement Highway Incident Management Training Guide

ICT Study Selected As Regional High Value Research Project

ICT Research Featured in Several Publications

Eyad Masad Discusses Mechanistic Modeling at ATREL

ICT Thanks Patricia Broers for Her Work with ICT

ICT's Wide Base Tire Research Featured in Tire Technology International

ICT's Speed Photo Enforcement Research Profiled in CEE Magazine

ICT Teams Up with Village of Rantoul on LED Lighting Project

ICT Posts Four RFPs, Due August 16

ICT Participates in Annual AASHTO Research Advisory Committee Meeting

ICT Student Spotlight: Joshua Steelman

Summer 2010 Outreach and Honors

ICT Publishes Second Annual Progress Report

ICT Validates Laser Scanning Technology

Research Ideas Due June 30; New Needs Posted

ICT Air Quality Summit Receives National Attention

ATREL Hosts Chanute Redevelopment Commission

ICT Investigator Spotlight: Kouros Mohammadian

ICT Student Spotlight: Jonguen Baek

ICT Redesigns Its Project Status Page

ICT Helps Plan Geoshanghai 2010

ICT Director to Give Keynote Presentation at Great Lakes Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Conference May 21, 2010

UIUC Holds Joint Rail Conference

ICT Continues Its Growth and Diversification

UIUC Researchers Visit Chile to Assess Infrastructure Damage

Investigator Awards for Spring 2010

Student Awards for Spring 2010

ICT Outreach Activities

Spring is in the Air: ICT-sponsored Summit Focuses on Air Quality

ICT Researchers Prove Benefits of Speed Photo Enforcement in Work Zones

Al-Qadi Elected as Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Roesler and Ouyang Receive 2010 Xerox Awards

Baek Earns Ph.D.

Leng Receives Mavis Future Faculty Award

First T&DI Congress Set for March 2011

Get Involved with ICT: Proposals and Research Ideas due January 31

Wang Becomes Second Transportation Student to Win Yee Fellowship

Carpenter Honored as Distinguished Graduate of Texas A&M

ICT's Roesler Experiences Chilean Quake Firsthand

ICT PI Yanfeng Ouyang Elected Vice Chair of INFORMS Special Interest Group

ICT PI Scott Olson Visits Haiti

ICT Rolling Lane Closure Project Profiled in CEE Magazine

ICT Student Spotlight: Ali Hajbabaie

ICT Investigator Spotlight: Bassem Andrawes

ATREL Receives IDOT Approval for HMA and Aggregate Testing

Meet the ICT Staff

Society of Pavement Engineers at Illinois Invites Additional Chapters

William Frey Appointed as IDOT Director of Highways

Winter 2010 Outreach and Honors

Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference Turns 50; Moreland Herrin Honored

ICT and UIUC Transportation Group Present Research at 89th Annual TRB Meeting

ATREL Hosts Holiday Party

ICT Executive Committee Approves Seven New Research Ideas

Al-Qadi Reappointed to ASCE T&DI Board of Governors

Barry Dempsey to Receive Horonjeff Award at TRB

Chi Epsilon Awards Honorary Membership to Marshall Thompson

ICT Alumni Spotlight: Shih-Hsien Yang, PhD 2009

Brian Hill Hits the Road as Recipient of C.C. Wiley Award

Meet an ICT Investigator: James P. Hall, UIS

Eric Harm Retiring From IDOT

IDOT Updates Pavement Design Procedures

Fall 2009 Outreach Highlights

Investigator/Staff/Student Awards

ICT Implements Virtual Meetings

ICT Director and Student Visit Incheon Bridge, Give Lectures in Korea

IPS Presents "Introduction to MATLAB as a Computational Tool"

ATREL Hosts Visitors from Chinese Harbin Institute of Technology

Transportation Faculty Have "Hot Articles"

Registration is Open for the 50th Annual Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference

ICT Wide-base Tire Research Featured in Tire Technology International

ICT Publishes Progress Report

Recent ICT/UIUC Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Beyer, M.S. 2008

Student and Faculty Awards/Honors for Summer 2009

Illinois Pavement Society (IPS) Sponsors Course at ATREL

UIUC Hosts Eighth International BCR2A Conference; Marshall Thompson Recognized for His Contributions to the Conference

UIUC Takes Second Place in FAA Design Competition

ICT Posts RFPs for Four Projects; Proposals Due July 15

ICT Receives Press Near and Far

ICT Executive Committee Meets and Approves 13 New Projects

ICT Director Lectures at Universities in China

Recent UIUC Alumni Spotlight: Hyunwook Kim, PhD 2007

Student and Faculty Honors/ Awards for Spring 2009

ICT Welcomes Lori Carpenter as Communication Coordinator

Kent Lecture Series Spring 2009

ICT Presents "Get Involved" Webinar

C. Michael Walton Speaks at Kent Lecture about "Tomorrow's Transportation"

TR News Features ICT Nighttime Construction Project

Roesler Named Fulbright Scholar

ATREL Welcomes Several Visitors

ICT Participates in T.H.E. 95th Annual Conference

Chandra Desai Speaks at Kent Lecture

ICT Director Interviewed by Tyre Asia

University of Illinois Announced as Co-Host of 4th Annual APT Conference

Sam Carpenter Gives Lecture Series at Southeast University, Nanjing, China

Jeff Roesler Presents His Research on Thin Concrete Pavements in Chile

ICT Welcomes Two New Staff Members

Faculty Travel and Activities

ICT Director Helps Organize, Gives Keynote at Gulf Conference on Roads in Qatar

Secretary of Transportation Milt Sees Profiled in CEE Magazine

Student Awards


Recent ICT/UIUC Alumni Spotlight: Shihui Shen, PhD 2006

ICT and UIUC Transportation Group Present Research at 88th Annual TRB Meeting; Win Three Best Paper Awards

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) Posted December 19, 2008

Registration is Now Open for the 2009 THE Conference


ICT Executive Committee Meeting - October 2008

ICT Director Collaborates with Italian Researchers during Airport Instrumentation Project

ICT Has Strong Presence at ASCE Conference

IDOT Announces Civil Engineering Scholarships

UIUC Alumni Spotlight: Erwin Kohler, PhD 2005

ICT's Nighttime Road Work Project Profiled in CEE Magazine

Upcoming Transportation Conferences Attended and/or Sponsored by ICT


UIUC Transportation Faculty Promotions and CAREER Award Announced

UIUC/ICT Alumni Spotlight: Jun Yoo, PhD 2007

The News-Gazette Reports on New ICT $15M Agreement

IDOT/ ICT Sign New Funding Agreement

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for Seven ICT Research Projects Posted; Proposals Due July 18

ICT Sponsors RILEM Conference


ICT Publishes Project Brochure

UIUC Sweeps FAA Design Challenge for Airport Operations and Maintenance

ICT Executive Committee Approves 17 New Projects; RFPs Will be Posted in Early May

Student and Faculty Honors and Awards for Spring 2008

ATREL Safety Training

Dallas Little Speaks at Paul Fraser Kent Lecture

Korean Institute of Construction Technology Hosts ICT Directors

Fini Passes Dissertation Defense and Wins WTS Award

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Exhibit Wins First Place

ICT Participates in T.H.E. Conference

ICT's Wide Base Tire Project Profiled in CEE Magazine

Register Now for the Sixth RILEM International Conference on Cracking in Pavements to Convene on June 16-18, 2008, in Chicago, IL

TRB Accepts 12 UIUC Papers for Publication

Al-Qadi Discusses Potholes with Rockford Register Star

ATREL Hosts Transportation Group Seminars on Thursdays

Call for ICT Research Ideas

The 4th International Gulf Conference on Roads to Convene in Doha - Qatar November 10-13, 2008

2008 T&DI Pavement Conference

Center's Research Grows to Include 65 Projects

ICT Researchers Help Ensure Secure Bridges in Illinois

2007 Student Awards

Transportation and Highway Engineering (THE) Annual Conference Set for February 26-27 in Urbana

ICT and UI Transportation Group Present Research at 87th Annual TRB Meeting

Abstracts Due March 15 for the Eighth International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways, and Airfields

ICT Unveils Redesigned Website and New Logo

Special Joint Conference (Illinois Bituminous Paving and NCAUPG) Convenes in Springfield

IDOT Names Christine Reed as Director of Highways

Paul Fraser Kent Lecture Series Hosts Impressive Lineup of Speakers

ATREL Hosts Holiday Party

ICT Marks Second Anniversary

ICT Facilitates Workshop on Wide-Base Tire

ICT Director Receives Two ASCE Honors

ICT Researchers Receive Scholarships