Project Spotlight

Damage Caused by New-Generation Wide Base Tires Investigated

Published July 5, 2017

Even though they’re known to provide more environmental benefits than conventional dual-tire assemblies, wide-base tires are often associated with higher pavement responses and more damage to roads infrastructure. However, scientific literature lacks in-depth evaluation of pavement damages and the benefits attributed to each tire type.Read More

A New Tool for Concrete Infrastructure Evaluation

Published May 22, 2017

Repairs and maintenance for the transportation infrastructure of Illinois present a potentially huge cost to the state. In order to test new technology that  could provide “effective, efficient, economical, and rapid data collection” of pavements, bridge decks, and other concrete structural elements for the purpose of evaluation of their condition and the need for repairs, IDOT teamed up with ICT in a recent project, Ultrasonic Imaging for Concrete Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Quality Assurance (R27-146).Read More

Ongoing Study Seeks to Improve Hot-Mix Asphalt Performance

Published April 1, 2017

In an ongoing effort to maximize performance of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) containing higher amounts of recycled materials, IDOT and ICT started a project entitled Construction and Performance Monitoring of Various Asphalt Mixes (R27-161) in 2014. This effort is part of a larger goal that aims to improve pavements built using recycled materials to enhance their sustainability. A second interim report on the project was recently publishedRead More