IDOT Research Needs

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT’s) eight Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) have identified research needs for the upcoming research cycle. The purpose of these needs is to solicit potential researchers to submit research ideas that might fulfill these needs. TAGs will consider these ideas and write up formal RFPs based on these ideas. TAGs update these needs annually in August.

IDOT and the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT) encourage potential researchers to review the research needs of each TAG and submit research ideas to address those needs. Proposed research ideas that are aligned with TAG research needs have an improved chance of being approved and funded.

Historically, research ideas that meet IDOT’s needs or have an IDOT sponsor have a greater chance of being funded than those without an IDOT sponsor. Therefore, ICT strongly encourages each submitter to contact IDOT and secure an IDOT sponsor for the proposed research idea before submission.

If you need assistance identifying a potential IDOT sponsor, please contact the appropriate Technical Advisory Group.

The eight TAGs are listed below. Click on the name of each TAG to view the TAG’s most recent research needs:

(Research Needs Updated August 17, 2017)

(Deadline for Research Ideas is October 1, 2017)

Click here to access the Proposed Research Idea Statement