2017 Kent Seminars

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Seminar

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Seminar
BK Sharma, Senior Research Scientist, UIUC Modeling the Performance Properties of RAS and RAP Blended Asphalt Mixes Through Chemical Compositional Information
Azadeh Akahavan and Goran Othmanawny TRB Presentations
Wouter Brink, Staff Civil Engineer, Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) Evaluating Software Simulation of a Road Weather Information System
Issam Qamhia, PhD Candidate, UIUC Adequacy of In-place QC/QA Techniques for Evaluating Constructed Aggregate Layers of Working Platforms and Flexible Pavements
Roozbeh Dargazany, PhD, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University Multi-Scale Modeling of the Tire–Pavement Interaction to Describe the Role of Pavement Micro-Texture on Sliding Rubber Friction
Shenghua Wu Impact of High Asphalt Binder Replacement on Performance for Overlay and Level Binder Mixes
Gregary Renshaw ATREL Lab Safety and Security