Upcoming Kent Seminars

More information about each seminar will be made available as soon as possible.

Date Speaker Seminar
Egemen Okte and Zehui Zhu Development of Machine Compliance Factor for the Illinois Flexibility Index Test (I-FIT) and Effect of I-FIT Configuration on Test Results of Asphalt Mixtures
Peter Taylor Performance Based Concrete Mixtures
Brian Pfeifer Partnering with IDOT: Providing Innovative Transportation Research
Pradip Adhikari and Sina Nassiri Plasticity Requirement of Aggregate Used in Base and Subbase and Effective Post-Construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) to Infiltrate and Retain Stormwater Runoff
Elie Hajj Analysis Procedures for Evaluating Superheavy Load Movement on Flexible Pavements: SuperPACK
Yan Qi Identification of Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Crashes in Rural Illinois Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Kumares Sinha Kent Distinguished Speaker
Punit Singhvi Effect of Aging and Rejuvenation on Surface Free Energy Measurements and Adhesive property of Asphalt Binder
Katie Zimmerman Managing a Pavement Over Its Life Cycle