Focus: The purpose of the Planning Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is to determine the research needs in the areas of planning focusing mainly on designing and developing a mechanism to better integrate and coordinate the delivery of programs and services.  In addition, it is important to mitigate risks relating to external factors that can adversely impact completion of the program.  Context sensitive solutions plays an integral role in the planning, and should be included whenever possible in analyzing research needs.   Analysis will include integrating socioeconomic and environmental considerations into system level planning and program development.

  • TAG Chair, Office of Planning & Programming – Susan Stitt-
  • TAG Secretary/IDOT BMPR Representative – Megan Swanson
  • ICT Representative –  Pablo Durango-Cohen (term ends May 31, 2017)
  • Office of Planning & Programming – Susan Stitt, Chair
  • Division of Highways, Bureau of Materials & Physical Research – Megan Swanson, Secretary
  • Division of Highways, Bureau of Design and Environment – Walt Zyznieuski
  • Division of Public and Multi-Modal Transportation – Chuck Abraham
  • Office of Planning & Programming – Bruce Carmitchel
  • Office of Planning & Programming – Rob Robinson
  • Office of Planning & Programming – Karen Shoup
  • Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning – Kermit Wies
  • Downstate Metropolitan Planning Organization – Rita Morocoima-Black, CCRPC
  • Federal Highway Administration – Betsy Tracy/John Donovan
  • Illinois Center for Transportation – Pablo Durango-Cohen