Public & Intermodal Transportation

Focus: The Public and Intermodal Transportation Technical Advisory Group seeks to determine research needs in the areas of public transportation; freight traffic issues involving all transportation modes (i.e. rail, truck, port, and air freight traffic); and intermodal transportation.  This group will develop proposals for potential projects, evaluate and rank ideas for projects, and make recommendations to the Research Executive Committee on the actions to be taken.  It will also manage any projects that are funded with money from the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT).

  • TAG Chair, Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation – Charles Abraham
  • TAG Secretary/IDOT BMPR Representative – Megan Swanson
  • ICT Representative – Hadi Meidani (term ends May 31, 2016)
  • Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation – Charles Abraham, Chair
  • Division of Highways, Bureau of Materials& Physical Research – Megan Swanson, Secretary
  • Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation – Mike Healey
  • Division of Aeronautics – B.J. Murray
  • Office of Planning & Programming – Nichole George
  • Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning – Kermit Wies
  • Federal Highway Administration – John Donovan / Dean Mentjes
  • Federal Transit Administration –  TBD
  • Illinois Center for Transportation – Hadi Meidani
  • PACE – James Garner
  • PACE – Dave Tomzik
  • Regional Transportation Authority – Jessica Hector Hsu