ICT Investigator Spotlight: Jeffery Roesler

Jeff Roesler serves as investigator on several ICT projects related to concrete pavements. He also serves as Associate Director of ATREL. Roesler holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from UIUC and he has been a member of the faculty since August 2000. Prior to joining the faculty at UIUC, he was a visiting Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of California at Berkeley. 


Jeff Roesler

Professor Roesler spent last academic year (2009-2010) in Santiago, Chile as a Fulbright Scholar. He worked with several faculty members in Civil Engineering Department at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, to study material characterization and fracture of concrete.

While in Chile, Roesler also experienced the earthquake firsthand. In addition, Roesler worked with a group of UIUC professors, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students affliated with CEE’s Mid-America Earthquake (MAE) center to assess infrastructure damage to various civil engineering systems such as buildings, bridges, roadway networks, and embankments. He wrote about the experience for the College of Engineering. Click here to read the article.

Thanks to technologies used by ICT such as Adobe ConnectPro, Professor Roesler was still able to “meet” with his technical review panel for his ongoing project R27-61, Mechanistic-Empirical Design, Implementation, and Monitoring for Rigid Pavements. As a result, the project is currently on schedule, despite his international travels. The project is expected to result in an updated JPCP method and a new CRCP design method which will be implemented into IDOT’s Bureau of Design and Environment Manual. The research will also provide IDOT with a document reviewing opening strength requirements for concrete patches and provide IDOT with short duration technical advice and services on concrete pavement-related issues.

Roesler’s other work for ICT has helped IDOT to evaluate and validate its use of recycled concrete pavements and develop guidelines and design for ultrathin whitetopping procedures. The procedures he developed for IDOT’s ultrathin whitetopping have been implemented as far away as Uruguay