ICT Investigators and Students Present More than 45 Research Topics at Annual TRB Meeting

ICT and UIUC researchers presented at more than 45 sessions at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting which convened in Washington D.C. on January 23-27, 2011. The ICT/UIUC researchers presented their cutting edge research on diverse topics (see list below) and participated in various committee meetings and other conference activities. 

Approximately 10,000 transportation officials from around the world attended this conference which covers all transportation modes, with more than 3,000 presentations in nearly 600 sessions addressing topics of interest to all attendees that included policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. For more information on this conference, visit http://www.trb.org/meeting.

The UIUC-affiliated research presented is listed below (submission number in parentheses):

Accident-Cause-Specific Derailment Analysis to Evaluate Railroad Track Upgrade to Reduce Transportation Risk (11-3920): Liu, Xiang; Barkan, Christopher P. L.; and Saat, M. Rapik

Aggregate Physical Properties Affecting Modulus and Deformation Characteristics of Unsurfaced Pavements (11-3486): Mishra, Debakanta and Tutumluer, Erol

Aggregate Properties and Their Role in Strength Behavior of Pavement Base Courses (11-0120): Tutumluer, Erol

Characterization of Traffic Oscillation Propagation Under Nonlinear Car-Following Laws (11-0243): Li, Xiaopeng and Ouyang, Yanfeng

Characterization of Polyurethane-Coated Railroad Ballast Behavior (11-3060): Dersch, Marcus S.; Tutumluer, Erol; Mareno, Anthony P.; Peeler, Calvin T. (BASF Corporation); Bower, David K. (BASF Corporation)

Condition Monitoring of Railway Turnouts and Other Track Components Using Machine Vision (11-1442): Molina, Luis Fernando; Resendiz, Esther; Edwards, J. Riley; Hart, John M. -Barkan, Christopher P. L; and Ahuja, Narendra

Condition Monitoring of Railway Turnouts and Other Track Components Using Machine Vision (11-1442): Molina, Luis Fernando; Resendiz, Esther; Edwards, J. Riley; Hart, John M.; Barkan, Christopher P. L.; and Ahuja, Narendra

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement: Urban Construction (11-0675): Roesler, Jeffery R.

Critical Pavement Stresses/Strains under Moving Vehicular “Critical Pavement Stresses/Strains under Moving Vehicular Loading (AFK50 Characteristics of Bituminous Paving Mixtures to Meet Structural Requirements TRB Committee): Wang, Hao; Al-Qadi, Imad.

Design with Fiber Reinforcement for Thin Concrete Overlays Bonded to Asphalt (11-2710): Bordelon, Amanda and Roesler, Jeffery R.

Detection Performance of Wireless Magnetometers at Signalized Intersection and Railroad Grade Crossing Under Different Weather Conditions (11-3585): Medina, Juan C.; Hajbabaie, Ali; and Benekohal, Rahim F.

Determining Speed-Flow Relationship and Capacity for Freeway Work Zone with No Lane Closure (11-4150): Avrenli, Kivanc A.; Benekohal, Rahim F.; and Ramezani, Hani

Development and Validation for In-Situ Asphalt Mixture Density Prediction Model (11-3268): Leng, Zhen; Al-Qadi, Imad L.; and Lahouar, Samer (Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie de Sousse, Tunisia)

Development of Thin Sustainable Safe Durable Pavement (AFD70 Rehabilitation TRB Committee): Al-Qadi, Imad; Zehr, Tom; Son, Songsu; Kern, Jeff

Development of Fracture-Energy-Based Interface Bond Test for Asphalt Concrete (11-4001): Hakimzadeh, Salman; Buttlar, William G.; Ahmed, Sarfraz; Exline, Marvin; Kebede, Nathan Abay;

Effect of Compaction Method on Resilient Modulus of Hot-Mix Asphalt (11-1939): Katicha, Samer (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute); Al-Qadi, Imad L.; Flintsch, Gerardo W. ( Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University); and Loulizi, Amara (Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieurs de Tunis, Tunisia)

Effect of Mineral Filler Characteristics on Asphalt Mastic and Mixture Rutting Potential (11-1886): Wang, Hao; Al-Qadi, Imad L.; Faheem, Ahmed Fatin (University of Wisconsin, Madison); Bahia, Hussain U. (University of Wisconsin, Madison); Yang, Shih-Hsien; Reinke, Gerald H. (MTE Services, Inc.)

Effects of Disruption Risks on Biorefinery Location Design: Discrete and Continuous Models (11-0251): Li, Xiaopeng; Peng, Fan; Bai, Yun; and Ouyang, Yanfeng

Effects of Nonuniform and Three-Dimensional Contact Stresses on Near-Surface Cracking Problem (11-2621): Ozer, Hasan; Al-Qadi, Imad L.; and Duarte, Carlos Armando – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Experimental Findings on the Effects of Advance Demand Information on Supply Chain Stability (11-0252): Ouyang, Yanfeng

FEM for Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlays to Predict Reflective Cracking: Interface Condition Effects (AFD70-1 Interlayer Systems to Control Reflective Cracking): Al-Qadi, Imad; Baek, Jonguen; Ozer, Hasan; Wang, Hao

Improving Safety of Mobile Lane Closures: Recommended Standards (11-1798): Steele, Douglas and Vavrik, William R (Applied Research Associates, Inc.)

Integrated Optimization Model to Manage Risk of Transporting Hazardous Materials on Railroad Network (11-3493): Lai, Yung-Cheng (National Taiwan University); Kawprasert, Athaphon; Lin, Chen-Yu (National Taiwan University); Saat, M. Rapik; Liang, Jun-Hao (National Taiwan University); Barkan, Christopher P. L.

Investigating Risky Driving Behavior of Vehicles with Short Time Gaps in Single-Lane Work Zones (11-3875): Avrenli, Kivanc A.; Benekohal, Rahim F.; and Ramezani, Hani.

Investigation of Effects of Recycled Asphalt Pavement Amounts on Low-Temperature Cracking Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Using Acoustic Emissions (11-2682): Behnia, Behzad; Dave, Eshan V.; Ahmed, Sarfraz; Buttlar, William G.; Reis, Henrique

Laboratory Testing to Address the Potential for Damaging Hydraulic Pressure in Concrete Tie Rail Seat (11-3395): Zeman, John; Edwards, J. Riley; Lange, David A.; and Barkan, Christopher P. L.

Mechanistic-Empirical Evaluation of Aggregate Base and Granular Subbase Quality Affecting Flexible Pavement Performance in Minnesota (11-3462): Xiao, Yuanjie; Tutumluer, Erol; Siekmeier, John A. (Minnesota Department of Transportation)

Methodology to Analyze Queue Length and Delay in Work Zones (11-4029): Ramezani, Hani; Benekohal, Rahim F.; and Avrenli, Kivanc A.

Methodology to Measure Work Zone Capacity Using Field Data (11-3968): Ramezani, Hani; Benekohal, Rahim F.; and Avrenli, Kivanc A.

Modeling Civil Infrastructure Interdependencies, Resilience, and Sustainability (11-0254): Nguyen, Tri-Dzung; Cai, Ximing; and Ouyang, Yanfeng

Monitoring the Aerodynamic Efficiency of Intermodal Train Loading Using a Machine Vision System (11-2236): Rickett, Tristan; Hart, John M.; Edwards, J. Riley; Kumar, Avinash; Barkan, Christopher P. L.; Ahuja, Narendra

Multidimensional Data Mining of Traffic Anomalies on Large-Scale Road Networks (11-0355): Gonzalez, Hector; Han, Jiawei; Ouyang, Yanfeng; Seith, Sebastian

Multiperiod Design of Railroad Wayside Defect Detection Installations (11-0244): Peng, Fan; Li, Xiaopeng; and Ouyang, Yanfeng

One-Dimensional Pavement Temperature Prediction Using Laplace Transformation (11-2719): Wang, Dong and Roesler, Jeffery R.

Pavement Structural and Functional Performance after The 2010 Chilean Earthquake (11-3662): Roesler, Jeffery R.; Thenoux, Guillermo (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile); Al-Qadi, Imad L.; González, Marcelo (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile); and Baek, Jongeun

Pedestrian Crossing Phase Optimization Based On Minimizing Vehicle And Pedestrian Delays By Genetic Algorithm (11-1519): Yang, Zengyi and Benekohal, Rahim F.

Performance Data from the Smart Italian Runway (AFD40 Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing TRB Committee): Al-Qadi, Imad; Presented by Portas, S.

Performance of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Using Recycled Concrete Aggregates (11-0853): Roesler, Jeffery R.; Huntley, James Gregory; and Amirkhanian, Armen N.

Profit-Generating Capacity for a Freight Railroad (11-3643): Khadem Sameni; Dingler, Mark H.; Preston, John; and Barkan, Christopher P. L.

Reliable Traffic Sensor Deployment Under Probabilistic Disruptions and Generalized Surveillance Effectiveness Measures (11-0253): Li, Xiaopeng and Ouyang, Yanfeng

Sand Mix Interlayer To Control Reflective Cracking In Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlay (11-4169): Baek, Jongeun and Al-Qadi, Imad L.

Structured Flexible Transit System for Low-Demand Areas (11-0255): Nourbakhsh, Seyed Mohammad and Ouyang, Yanfeng

Sustained and Halo Effects of Various Speed Reduction Treatments in Highway Work Zones (11-2782): Hajbabaie, Ali; Medina, Juan C.; Wang, Ming-Heng; Benekohal, Rahim F.; Chitturi, Madhav V

Thin Durable Overlay (The ISAP TC on Constitutive Modeling of Asphaltic Materials): Al-Qadi, Imad; Zher, Tom (IDOT); Son, Songsu; Kern, Jeff.

Washington Three-Dimensional Laser-Based Measurement of Mineral Aggregate Surface Area for South African Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures: (11-3481): Anochie-Boateng, Joseph (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa); Komba, Julius (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa), and Tutumluer, Erol