Illinois Announces $11.5 Billion Multi-Year Construction Program

The state of Illinois recently announced plans to improve 3,248 miles of road and replace or rehabilitate 611 bridges during fiscal years 2012-2017.

Click here to view the press release from Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

Several of ICT’s recently completed projects related to construction and improved safety have the ability to positively impact this construction program. Here are just a few examples:

R27-72 – Improving the Safety of Moving Lane Closures – Phase II: ICT developed specific recommendations to enhance existing standards for moving lane closures, making highway work zones safer.

R27-30 – Evaluation of 3-D Laser Scanning for Construction Application: ICT validated a cost-effective and accurate laser technology, which can positively impact the efficiency and cost control of construction projects.

R56 – Speed Photo-Radar (SPE) Enforcement Evaluation in Illinois Work Zones: ICT determined the net effects of using SPE to reduce speeds for both cars and trucks, resulting in statewide implementation.

R27-33 – Queue and User’s Costs in Highway Work Zones: ICT developed methods for estimating speed, capacity, delay, queuing, and user’s costs for interstate highway work zones.

R27-35 and R27-71– Simple Cost-Effective Scour Sensor: ICT developed and implemented a fiber optic scour sensor capable of monitoring and providing quantitative characteristics of both scour depth and flow processes to allow for better monitoring of scour, which is responsible for many of the bridge failures in the U.S.

The final reports for all projects described above are located on the ICT’s Publications Page.