ICT Investigator Spotlight: John Popovics

Professor John Popovics is working with the ICT to establish new performance standards for bridge design. His current ICT project, R27-98, “Evaluation of Concrete Cylinder Match Curing & Evaluation of 4″x 8″ Cylinders” is set to wrap up during the summer of 2012.

Popovics gives a preview of the project’s findings, “In this research we compared different match cure technologies for concrete. I was surprised to learn that water batch curing is very accurate and controllable, despite its application not being widely accepted in the United States. The research will enable pre-cast/pre-stress producers in the state to produce quality product more efficiently for their state of Illinois work.”

In addition to this current project, Popovics has worked as co-investigator or investigator on several previous ICT projects, including an urgent project to evaluate damaged bridge columns in Chicago (R27-SP2), studying the expansive characteristics of reclaimed asphalt (R27-27), and developing an improved specimen for maximum plastic concrete temperatures (R27-38).

Popovics says he likes working with the ICT because he “enjoys the challenge of balancing practical and fundamental aspects of research.”