Newly Available Reports on ICT Website, Winter 2013

With IDOT’s continuing support, the following reports were recently published on the ICT website.

R27-090: Investigation of Contributing Factors of Wrong-Way Driving on Freeways. Principal investigators were Hugo Zhou, Ryan Fries, and Brent Vaughn of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. TRP Chairs were David Piper and Priscilla Tobias.

R27-051: Guidelines, Site Selection, and Design for Implementing Truck Parking/Rest Facilities in Chicago’s South Suburbs. Principal investigators were Laurence Rohter and Peter Beltemacchi of the Illinois Institute for Technology. TRP Chair was Chuck Abraham.

R27-082: Load Rating and Retrofit Testing of Bridge Timber Piles Subjected to Eccentric Loading. Principal investigator was Bassem Andrawes. TRP Chair was Dan Tobias.

R27-SP20: Safety Benefits of Implementing Adaptive Signal Control Technology: Survey Results. Principal investigators were Michael Lodes and Rahim Benekohal. TRP Chair was Kyle Armstrong.