New IDOT Reports Available

Two new reports from research sponsored by the Illinois Department of Transportation have recently been added to the ICT website:

R27-066: Effectiveness of Innovative Speed-Enforcement Techniques in Illinois. The effects of various police patrolling methods on average speeds and crash rates were studied. The results showed that speed enforcement plays a significant role in reducing average speed, especially during the weekday morning peak period of 6 to 10 a.m. The research also found that drivers maintain lower speeds for at least two weeks after enforcement stops. The principal investigator was Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University, and the technical review panel chair was Paul Lorton, IDOT Bureau of Safety Engineering.

R27-112:Effect of Portland Cement (Current ASTM C150/AASHTO M85) with Limestone and Process Addition (ASTM C4356/AASHTO M327) on the Performance of Concrete for Pavement and Bridge Decks. This project was conducted to test revised concrete mix designs to enable use of more sustainable materials for concrete pavements, overlays, and bridge decks. The study found similar performance in terms of strength and durability between conventional and modified cements. The principal investigator was Mohsen Issa, University of Illinois at Chicago. John Huang, Area Construction Supervisor, IDOT District 1, served as technical review panel chair.