ICT Staff Profile: Greg Renshaw

Greg Renshaw, research engineer, has not been with ICT long, but he has already made an impact on the Center. Like all ICT engineers, Greg has many responsibilities, including developing new research protocols, and assisting students with their research. He has also, since coming on in May, been a key member in a project that is meant to expand ATREL’s capabilities and improve the function of the lab. 

When asked what he liked most about ICT, Greg responded, “Seeing the light bulb go off above someone’s head at the moment they understand something you are teaching is a great feeling. I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with the student researchers at ICT and share any applicable knowledge I can to help them on their path.”

Greg will also have the opportunity to teach and lead industry professionals because he has been tapped to replace Mary Fries, who retired last year, as coordinator and lead instructor for IDOT’s Documentation of Contract Quantities course. This is an ideal task for Greg, who came to ICT after 21 years in industry and is accustomed to handling a variety of challenges and opportunities.

Greg received his master’s degree in 1993 and his bachelor’s in 1991, both in civil engineering, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also a Registered Professional Engineer.