New ICT/IDOT Projects

The following ICT/IDOT projects are under way or starting soon … 

Adapting Construction Staking and Inspection to Modern Technology (R27-163)

Principal Investigator: Nora El-Gohary, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: Tim Kell

The main goal of this research project is to develop written procedures for the use of modern technologies (such as CADD models, civil information models, GPS, laser scanners, handheld computing devices, and data analysis systems) in construction staking and inspection of highway projects in the State of Illinois for inclusion in IDOT’s Construction Manual, which would enable the employment of these technologies in Illinois and in turn offer major opportunities for quality improvements, cost savings, and expediting project delivery.

Design of Living Barriers to Reduce the Impacts of Snow Drifts on Illinois Freeways (R27-164)

Principal Investigator: Xianming Shi, Washington State University

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: Sean Coyle

Keeping roads clear of ice and snow is critical in Illinois. This research will identify the potential use of natural vegetation (“living snow fences”) such as native prairie grasses, plants, and trees that are strategically designed and planted to reduce blowing and drifting snow on the roadway.

Determining Whether a Deck with a Microsilica or Latex Concrete Overlay in Place Can Be Overlaid (R27-165)

Principal Investigator: John Popovics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: Dave Copenbarger

The objective of this research is to evaluate nondestructive testing methods to determine whether a second-generation overlay is feasible for concrete bridge decks and what procedures would be recommended to obtain the best performance from a new concrete overlay. The research will also identify the most cost-effective means for evaluating the thickness of the existing overlay and the depth of cover over the existing rebar, as well as the proper combination of removal methods for the current overlay.

Establishing Procedures and Guidelines for Pedestrian Treatments at Uncontrolled Locations (R27-167)

Principal Investigator: Yan Qi, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

IDOT Technical Review Panel Co-Chairs: Tim Sheehan and Kyle Armstrong

Researchers will review and analyze locations with a high number of incidents involving pedestrian injuries at uncontrolled crossings and develop guidelines for the deployment of countermeasures such as median refuges, flashing beacons, activated in-pavement warning lights, pedestrian hybrid beacons, and traffic signals. The research will also develop criteria to be used by IDOT and local agencies to determine where the deployment of countermeasures might be appropriate for decreasing pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

Pavement Rehabilitation Strategy Course Development (R27-170)

Principal Investigator: Hasan Ozer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IDOT Technical Review Panel Co-Chairs: Charles Wienrank and LaDonna Rowden

This project will provide for the development of pavement rehabilitation training and associated materials, culminating in a pilot course to finalize content and teaching strategies. The project will also develop online training for pavement rehabilitation based on lessons learned from the pilot course and materials adapted from a previous course.

Refinement of Load Factors for Illinois-Specific LRFR Bridge Load Rating Using Weigh-in-Motion Data (R27-171)

Principal Investigator: Gongkang Fu, Illinois Institute of Technology

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: Timothy Armbrecht

Researchers will evaluate current Illinois weigh-in-motion data from at least 20 locations (possibly including data from other states) and will assemble and filter the data. The statistical characteristics of the vehicle distributions, in addition to bridge elements modeled in IDOT’s AASHTOWare Bridge Rating files, will be used to calibrate new Illinois-specific live load factors.

Roadway Lighting’s Impact on Altering Soybean Growth (R27-172)

Principal Investigator: Ronald B. Gibbons, Virginia Tech

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: Mark Seppelt

Soybeans (and possibly other crops) have a strong photoperiodic response that prevents timely maturation when they are exposed to roadway lighting. The main objective of this project is to explore the effect of light levels and the spectral distribution of light sources and to examine the relationship between those two factors and their impact on soybeans and other photoperiodic crops.

In addition, the following Phase II projects have begun …

Field Performance Evaluations of Sustainable Aggregate By-Product Applications, Phase II (R27-168)

Principal Investigator: Erol Tutumluer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: Sheila Beshears

This project will build on the Phase I study, which yielded potential strategies to utilize excess fines, thereby increasing IDOT’s recycling efforts by incorporating quarry by-products in construction. The research team will construct, test, and monitor full-scale test sections using the most promising applications of quarry by-products.

Opportunistic Traffic Sensing Using Existing Video Sources, Phase II (R27-169)

Principal Investigator: Jakob Eriksson, University of Illinois at Chicago

IDOT Technical Review Panel Chair: William Morgan

The objective of this project is to create new research results and a software artifact with the purpose of counting vehicles and vehicle movements using existing road-facing video cameras. The project builds on the Phase I project in which a prototype/proof of concept was developed that demonstrated the ability to perform those tasks under good conditions. In this project, the research team will make the software available to practitioners in the field, as well as improve the software for use under more challenging conditions.