Recent ICT/IDOT Research Reports Online

The following reports from recently completed IDOT-sponsored projects are now available on ICT’s website.

R27-094: Performance Evaluation of Snow and Ice Plows. This project targeted several plow performance indicators including blade type, scraping forces, and shock acceleration. It includes a literature review, a synthesis of best practices in snow and ice plowing operations, development of a plow and blade performance evaluation procedure, instrumentation of a snow plow and the carrying out of field tests, development of finite element models to synthesize a comprehensive performance database, and documentation of project results.

R27-102: Installation and Performance Testing of Ditch Checks and Inlet Protection Structures. Various tests were performed to analyze the effectiveness of curb and gutter inlet protection products. The tests analyzed the ability of these products to prevent sediment from entering the inlets. The goal of these tests was to compare the various products and determine which would work best to prevent sediment from entering the inlets at construction sites. The results were published in a series of four white papers: Evaluation of Curb and Gutter Inlet Protection Products for Sediment Retention, Evaluation of Ditch Checks for Sediment Retention, Evaluation of Ditch Inlet Protection Products for Sediment Retention, and Evaluation of Flared-End Inlet Protection Products for Sediment Retention.

R27-120: Evaluating All-Weather Pavement Markings in Illinois: Volume 1.This project evaluated the performance of several all-weather pavement marking products in an effort to provide guidance on their use on Illinois IDOT roadways. A laboratory evaluation was undertaken to simulate degradation mechanisms of these pavement markings so that future all-weather materials can be evaluated in a timely manner within a lab.

R27-128: Testing Protocols to Ensure Performance of High Asphalt Binder Replacement Mixes Using RAP and RAS. The use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in asphalt concrete mixtures can reduce demand for virgin aggregates and asphalt binder, bringing environmental and economic benefits. However, replacing virgin asphalt binder in asphalt concrete mixtures poses challenges in terms of mixture volumetrics and low-temperature cracking, fatigue cracking, and other deterioration related to cracking. To counter these effects, softer virgin asphalt binder grades or modifying agents are used to improve production consistency. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate protocols, procedures, and specifications for testing engineering properties and performance of AC mixtures with high amounts (up to 60%) of RAP and RAS.

R27-136: Development of Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guideline Resource Material. Public agencies are required by state and federal laws to provide accessibility on their right-of-way (ROW). This report presents the findings of a research project to develop resource materials on providing accessibility to the public ROW to ensure that public works projects are built to meet the latest accessibility requirements. Among the many objectives of this project was development of a comprehensive and practical field guide that can be used by field engineers and construction inspectors to verify compliance with all applicable accessibility laws and regulations.