AASHTO Selects IDOT/ICT Project as a High Value Research Project

The AASHTO Research Advisory Committee (RAC) has selected their Sweet 16 High Value Research projects for 2016 (full list below), and the IDOT/ICT project Testing Protocols to Ensure Performance of High Asphalt Binder Replacement Mixes Using RAP & RAS was selected as a winning project for Region 3!  This project developed and established an Illinois modified version of the Semi-circular Bend (IL-SCB) test and the determination of a flexibility index (FI), known together as the Illinois Flexibility Index Test (I-FIT).

IDOT is beginning to implement I-FIT this year by constructing 11 pilot projects using the department’s new I-FIT specification, which requires I-FIT testing and compliance for mix design verification and plant-produced mixtures. On a national level, there is a new AASHTO provisional standard (TP-124 Determining the Fracture Potential of Asphalt Mixtures Using Semicircular Bend Geometry (SCB) at Intermediate Temperature) for the I-FIT, which for now is being referred to as IL-SCB.

As a result of this vote, IDOT will be recognized at the AASHTO RAC national meeting in July as well as at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in November.  This project will also be part of the Sweet 16 High Value Research poster session at the 2017 annual Transportation Research Board meeting next January.

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in this project, which featured an especially strong collaboration between the department and the research team.  A special thanks to the collaborators listed below for the hard work and dedication it took to produce and implement research results that are improving the state of the practice and having a national impact.

Technical Review Panel:  Matt Mueller (Panel Chair), Abdul Dahhan,  Steve Hefel, George Houston, Vickie Prill, Jim Trepanier, Mark Vock, and Tom Zehr, all from IDOT, and Brian Pfeifer (formerly with FHWA), Kevin Burke (Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association), and Bill Pine (Heritage Research Group),

Research Team: Imad L. Al-Qadi, Hasan Ozer,  John Lambros, B.K. Sharma, Ibrahim Abuawad, Heena Dhasmana, Berangere Doll, Ahmad El-Khatib, Ziad Ghauch, Erman Gungor, Ahmad Imad Kanaan, Tamim Khan, Aurangzeb Qazi, Jose Rivera-Perez, Ahmad Shams, Punit Singhvi, Song Su Son, and Shan Zhao.

We are especially pleased to share that IDOT projects have been selected as Sweet 16 High Value Research projects for 5 for past 6 years.

2016: Testing Protocols to Ensure Performance of High Asphalt Binder Replacement Mixes Using RAP & RAS

2015: Development of a Traffic Incident Management Operational and Training Guide – Phase II

2013: Best Practices for Implementation of Tack Coat: PART I – Laboratory Study and PART 2 – Field Study

2012: An Expert Systems Approach to Highway Construction Scheduling

2011: Evaluation of 3-D Laser Scanning for Construction Application

2010: Speed Photo-Radar Enforcement Evaluation in Illinois Work Zones

To see all past High Value and Sweet 16 projects, please visit the High Value Research Projects page on the AASHTO RAC website.  If you would like additional information on any of the High Value Research projects, please contact IDOT’s Technical Research Coordinator, Megan Swanson.