ICT Students Receive Engineering Open House Theme Embodiment Award

An annual student-led event, the Engineering Open House (EOH) features exhibits and competitions that showcase the talent and ingenuity of engineering students at the University of Illinois. This year’s event, held on March 10-11, attracted more than 25,000 families, students, and community members who gathered to experience the atmosphere of innovation and creativity.

The Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT) team participating in this year’s EOH presented the latest cutting-edge research conducted at the Advanced Transportation Research lab and showed visitors real materials used in pavement construction and various testing geometrical samples utilized for research purposes. ICT graduate students exhibited a typical layered pavement structure made with cereals, or what they like to refer to as “edible roads,” especially designed for the young visitors.

ICT’s exhibit, which attracted an audience of more than 1000 people and served approximately 600 “edible roads,” was selected 1st place winner for the EOH Theme Embodiment Award: Illuminate New Horizons.