New ICT/IDOT Projects

The following research projects have recently started:

R27-183: Evaluation of On-Site and In-situ Treatment Alternatives for Contaminated Soils (Started 2/1/18)

R27-186: Correlation Between Work Zone Exposure and Work Zone-Related Fatal and A-Injury Crashes (Started 2/1/18)

R27-187: Pavement Surface Treatments for Ice-Prone Locations in the Illinois Highway System (Started 2/1/18)

R27-188: Evaluating the Accuracy and Use of Drilled Shaft Integrity Testing Methods in Illinois (Started 2/1/18)

The ICT Executive Committee met in Springfield, Illinois, on February 7, 2018. The committee considered requests for new research funding and approved the following IDOT projects:

  • Evaluation of Various Products for Perimeter Barrier
  • Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Snow Fences in Illinois (Phase 2)
  • Maritime Freight Data Collection System and Database to Support Performance Measures and Market Analyses
  • Mechanistic-Empirical (M-E) Pavement Design Suite: Materials Analysis, Implementation, and Performance Monitoring (Phase 4)
  • Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Load Distribution in Steel Bridge Superstructures (Phase 3)
  • Best Practice Operation of Reversible Express Lanes for Kennedy Expressway
  • Rheology-Chemical Based Procedure to Evaluate Additives/Modifiers used in Asphalt Binders for Performance Enhancements (Phase 2)
  • Characterization of the Bond Strength of Textured Epoxy-Coated (TEC) Reinforcement Bars (Phase 2)
  • Development of Guidelines for Implementation of Horizontal Directional Drilling

On April 2, 2018, ICT solicited competitive proposals for the following newly-approved research projects:

  • Optimizing the Benefits of Smoother Roads Against the Increased Costs to Build Them
  • Construction of Pedestrian Infrastructure Along Transit Corridors
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes Among Older Population
  • Roadway Lighting’s Effect on Pedestrian Safety at Intersections and Midblock Crosswalks

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