2019 AFP00 Section Best Paper Award

We are pleased to announce that the paper “Field Imaging and Volumetric Reconstruction of Riprap Rock and Large-sized Aggregates: Algorithms and Application” was recognized with the 2019 AFP00 Section Best Paper Award. The paper, based on ICT-IDOT project R27-182, was submitted to the 2019 TRB Annual Meeting and published in the Transportation Research Record, Volume 2673, Issue 9.

Led by principal investigator Erol Tutumluer, “R27-182: Size and Shape Determination of Riprap and Large-sized Aggregates Using Field Imaging” seeks to develop a new, automated imaging technique for riprap category assessment. Riprap is a rock or other material used to protect shorelines against scour and erosion. Traditionally, riprap category assessment is based on weight, which may involve subjective visual inspections or time-consuming manual measurements. However, in this project, the researchers present an automated approach for evaluating riprap categories using a computer vision approach to reconstruct riprap in 3D.

The project will include a separate software application along with a user manual. The completion date of the project is December 2019.