ICT Requests for Proposal

ICT is soliciting proposals until April 30, 2018 for the following new research projects:

Please send any questions to ICTProjectManagement@illinois.edu.

RFP Evaluation Process:

A group of subject matter experts, referred to as the Technical Review Panel (TRP), will review each proposal submitted. Each proposal is evaluated against the following five factors:

  1. Evaluation of the Proposal/Work Plan
  2. Evaluation of the Research Approach
  3. Application and Implementation of Results
  4. Evaluation of the Research Team
  5. Evaluation of Facilities, Equipment and Organization(s)

Weight for each of these factors is determined prior to evaluation by the TRP, and applied uniformly by each reviewer.

Additional Resources:

Principal Investigators submitting research proposals for consideration by the IDOT/ICT research program should always review TRID for similar or related topics prior to submitting their proposal. IDOT was recently informed that TRB has recorded a series of videos (March 2017) that discussed new features of the TRID database, the benefits of using TRID, and how to search the database using either a desktop or a mobile device. These videos are available on-demand at no cost, and slides are available.

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