2012 Kent Seminars

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Seminar
Mats Wendel Performace of the Flow Mixing Technology in Asphalt Concrete and the Asphalt Rubber Project in Sweden
Huseyin Boler Analyses of Shear Strength Behavior of Chemically Bonded Ballast Aggregates with Using Direct Shear Testing and Discrete Element Modeling
Peggy Currid ICT’s New Report Guidelines and Review Process; Ten Things Principal Investigators Need To Know
Brian Hill Evaluation of the Fracture and Bulk Low Temperature Properties of Asphalt Binders and Mixtures Using Digital Image Correlation
Peggy Currid Tips for Improving Scientific Writing
Deb Mishra Investigation of Differential Movement at Railroad Bridge Approaches Geotechnical Instrumentation
Maziar Moaveni Aggreagate Size and Shape Evalutaion Using Enhangced Aggreagate Image Analyzer and Segmentation Techniques in the Field
Songsu Son Development of a Thin, Quiet, Long-Lasting, High Friction Surface Layer for Economical Use in Illinois
Jim Meister Atrel Lab Safety and Security
Allan Cockerell New Method for In-situ Cracking of Concrete Joints
Francisco Evangelista Junior Three Dimensional Modeling of Failure in Quasi-Brittle Materials and Structures
Animesh Das Optimum Thickness Design for Asphalt Pavements

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Seminar
Alex Brand Fractionated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (FRAP) As A Coarse Aggregate Replacement In A Ternery Blended Concrete
Ibrahim Abuawad Effects of Anti-Stripping Additives/Modifiers On Illinois Moisture Susceptible Mixes
Armen Amirkhanian Disk-Shaped Compact Tension for Concrete
Dr. Hasan Ozer Validation of Hot-Poured Crack Sealant Performance-Based Guidelines
Hasan Kazmee Effects of Material Blending On Strength, Modulus and Deformation Characteristics of Recycled Concrete Aggregates
Dr. Jiankun Liu Freeze Thaw Behavior of Soils and Qinhai-Tibet Railway Practices
Dr. Aaron Coenen Image Analysis of Aggregate Structure Parameters as Performance Indicators of Rutting Resistance
Qazi Aurangzeb Impact of High RAP Content On Volumetrics and Performance Properties of Asphalt Mixtures
Yuanjie Xiao Mechanistic Emperical Evaluation of Aggregate Base/Granular Subbase Quality Affectng Flexible Pavement Performance
Dr. Zhen Leng Short Term Performance of Plant Mixed Warm Mix Asphalt
Professor Jeff Roesler Effect of Non-Uniform Support On Concrete Slab Performance