2013 Kent Seminars

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Seminar

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Seminar
Ann L. Schneider Long Range Transportation Plan
Ryan Smith Optimal Staging Area Locations and Material Recycling Strategies for Sustainable Highway Reconstruction
Long Wang Road Base Materials Vibration Compaction Standard and Fabricating Equipment Development
Alex Brand Flexural Load Capacity of Concrete Slabs with Recycled Aggregates
Rebekah Yang, Seunggu Kang A Life-Cycle Assessment Framework for Pavement Materials
Michael Wnek Investigation of Aggregate Properties Influencing Railroad Ballast Performance
Yuanjie Xiao Gradation Effects Influencing Mechanical Properites of Aggregate Base/Granular Subbase Materials in Minnesota
Hasan Kazmee Characterization of Railroad Ballast Behavior Under Repeated Loading Using a New Large Triaxial Test Setup
Pengcheng Shangguan An Innovative Approach for Asphalt Pavement Compaction Monitoring Using Ground-Penetrating Radar
Adam Beach Low Temperature Binder Characterization of Recycled Asphalt