2014 Kent Seminars

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Seminar
Rebekah Yang Life Cycle Analysis
Jeff LaHucik Effect of Aggregate Packing Structure on Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC)
Maryam Shakiba Pore Water Pressure Effect on the response of Asphalt Concrete under Coupled Moisture-Mechanical Loading
Jorge Zornberg Properties Governing the Performance of Geosynthetic-reinforced Pavements
Yu Qian Multi-scale Integrated Computational and Experimental Framework for the Assessment of Railroad Ballast Life-cycle Behavior
Sushobhan Sen A Bottom-Up Approach to Urban Heat Islands: Background and Challenges
Priyanka Sarker Overlay Thickness Designs for Low Volume Roads: A Mechanistic-Empirical Approach with Non-Destructive Testing and Pavement Damage Models
Xin Wang Coping with Uncertainties in Biofuel Supply Chain Design: A Continuum Approximation Approach
Armen Amirkhanian Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape!

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Seminar
Ibrahim Abuawad Potential Moisture Damage of Asphalt Mixtures Using Various Test Mechanisms
Hasan Kazmee Evaluation of Aggregate Subgrade Materials Used as Pavement Subgrade/Granular Subbase
Yu Qian Discrete Element Modeling of Railroad Ballast Behavior
Nadarajah Sivaneswaran Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Charles Schwartz Distinguished Lecture – Structural Characteristics and Environmental Benefits of Cold-Recycled Asphalt Paving Materials
Brian Hill Performance Evaluation of RAP/RAS Asphalt Mixtures using Traditional and Advanced Methods
Tom Scarpas Rejuvenation of Asphalt Mixes: Turning Back the Clock
Tom Scarpas Rejuvenation of Asphalt Mixes: Turning Back the Clock
Maziar Moaveni, Songsu Son Evaluation of Aggregate Resistance to Breakage, Abrasion, and Polishing Using Advanced Aggregate Imaging Systems – Engineering Cost-Benefit Analysis of Thin Durable Asphalt Overlays (14-0956)
Yun Bai Optimal Pavement Design and Rehabilitation Planning Using a Mechanistic-Emperical Approach
Pengcheng Shangguan Implementation of Ground Penetrating Radar on Asphalt Pavement and Railroad Ballast
Behzad Behnia Advanced Approaches in Charaterization of Cracking in Asphalt Materials
John Anderson Runaway Keel Reconstruction, Shindand, Afghanistan
Eric Ferrebee Fractured Properties of Roller-compacted Concrete with Virgin and Recycled Aggregates
Jaime Hernandez The Impact of Wide-Base Tires on Pavement Damage- A National Study: Experimental Tirepavement Contact Stresses