2015 Kent Seminars

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Seminar
Sushobhan Sen Albedo for Pavement Engineers
Youssef Hashash Railroad Ballast Modeling Using Polyhedral Discrete Elements
Siyang Xie Reliable Facility Location Design under Correlated Facility Disruptions
Issam Qamhia Framework for Developing an Improved Unbound Aggregate Base Rutting Model for Mechanistic–Empirical Pavement Design
Halil Ceylan Implementation and Local Calibration of Mechanistic-Based Pavement Design in Iowa
Kurt Keifer A Novel Approach to Accelerated Pavement Testing Using a FASTFWD
Lev Khazanovich Mechanistic-Empirical Design of Concrete Pavements: Past, Present, and Future
Ryan Fries Real-Time Traveler Information Research: Is IDOT Freeway Information Accurate
Negin Alemazkoor Data-driven Identification of Inherent Deterioration Models of Infrastructures
Alex Brand Interfacial Transition Zone Composition and Bonding in Cementitious Materials with Asphalt-Coated Particles
Amlan Mukharjee Empirical Assessment of Pavement Roughness to Estimate Pavement Life Cycle Use-phase Emissions
Jamie Hernandez Deformable Tire−pavement Contact Stress Prediction at Various Operating Conditions Using Validated Finite Element Model
Jim Meister Safety Seminar

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Seminar
Erman Gungor Adjustment Factors for MEPDG Pavement Responses Considering Three-Dimensional Analysis and Wide-Base Tires
Amit Bhasin Understanding the Asphalt Genome to Engineer Better Asphalt Binders
Ahmad El Khatib Testing Protocol to Ensure Performance of Asphalt Mixes with High Amounts of Recycled Content
Michael Darter Mechanistic-Empirical Design of Pavements: The Long and Winding Road
C. Armando Duarte Recent Developments in the Generalized Finite Element Method and Applications in 3-D Modeling of Pavement Cracking
Carmine Dwyer ICT R27-077: Evaluating Pavement Markings on Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces
Hadi Maidani Uncertainty Quantification using Polynomial Chaos
Hasan Kazmee Performance Investigation of Non-traditional Aggregates Used as Remdial Measures to Weak Subgrade