2016 Kent Seminars

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Seminar
Issam Qamhia, PhD Student, UIUC Field Performance Evaluation of Sustainable Aggregate By-Product Applications
Sachindra Dahal, PhD Candidate, UIUC Crack Development and Strain Response of Continuously Reinforced Concrete
Soheil Nazarian, Professor, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Pavement Construction Quality Acceptance: Migrating from Traditional Methods to Performance Management
Scott Murrell, Director of Commercial Airport Services, Applied Research Associates (ARA) Real World Runway Engineering
Daniel Castillo, Visiting Scholar, UIUC Computational Modeling of the Heterogeneity of Asphalt Mixtures: Applications at the Macro and Micro Scales
Seunggu Kang, grad student, CEE Development of Mechanistic Vehicle Models to Evaluate Additional Vehicle Fuel Consumption Due to Pavement Roughness
Zhanping You, Professor, Michigan Tech Multiscale Modeling Toward Sustainable Pavement Systems
Sushobhan Sen Challenges in Measuring Pavement Albedo
Shiraz Tayabji Precast Concrete Pavements for Rapid Rehabilitation of High Volume Roadways
Zhaodong Wang, PhD Candidate Traffic Equilibrium Problems and Planning Service Facilities under Congestion
Angeli Gamez, PhD Candidate, University of Illinois Influence of Tire Parameters on Roadway Structures
Yong-Hoon Byun Local Stiffness Quantification of Geogrid-Reinforced Aggregate Using Shear Wave Transducer

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Seminar
Anand Puppala Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnics: Expansive Soils, Stabilization Design and Sustainability Studies
Mark Wayne Mechanical Stabilization of Unbound Layers and Incorporation of Benefits in AASHTO ’93 and M-E Analysis of Flexible Pavements
Scott Schmidt Railway Ballast Permeability Preliminary Laboratory Test Results
Imran Hossain Thermodynamics between RAP/RAS and virgin aggregates during asphalt concrete production – A literature review
Huseyin Boler Field Investigation of Railroad Bridge Approach Track Substructure Behavior
Marshall Thompson M-E Flexible Pavement Design: Issues and Challenges
Jake Hiller Understanding Permanent and Reversible Moisture Warping in Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements
Jeff LaHucik and Hajin Choi Mechanistic-Empirical (M-E) Design Implementation & Monitoring for Rigid Pavements & Ultrasonic Tomography for Concrete Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Quality Assurance
Rebekah Yang Using a Life-cycle Assessment Tool to Evaluate Sustainable Strategies for Pavement Construction
Hasan Ozer and Wenting Hou Sustainable Aggregates Production — Green Applications for Aggregate By-Products & Testing Protocols to Ensure Performance of High Asphalt Binder Replacement Mixes Using Rap & Ras
Linbing Wang Computer-Aided Mix Design: Current Status and Future Perspective
Reza Osouli and Hasan Kazmee Plasticity Requirements of the Aggregates as Subbase, Base, Surface, and Shoulder Courses & Evaluation of Aggregate Subgrade Materials Used as Pavement Subgrade/ Granular Subbase (PAV)
ATREL Lab Safety and Security