2018 Kent Seminars

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Seminar
Erman Gungor Leveraging Autonomy in Truck Platooning to Improve Freight Transportation Sustainability
Jamie Nelson The Power of Presentation: Making an Impact on your Audience through Intentional Design and Engagement
Chao Lei Optimal Operations and Resource Allocation for Improving Shared-Mobility Systems
Dr. Jeremy Gregory What Does it Mean to be Green? Quantitative Built Infrastructure Sustainability Assessments
Dr. M. Emin Kutay Backcalculation of Dynamic Modulus Master Curve and Nonlinear Properties of Unbound Base Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Data
Wenting Hou Evaluation of Ballast Behavior Under Different Tie Support Conditions Using Discrete Element Modeling
Randy Weingart Turning Pavement Design Upside Down
Justan Mann IDOT Construction Overview and Highlights
Erol Tutumluer Engineered Use of Aggregate Base – Inverted Pavement Design
Aniruddha Baral Air Pollutant Removal and Self-Cleaning Properties of Photocatalytic Cements
Quang Tran Integration of Non-Contact Ultrasonic and Computer Vision for Sawcut Timing
Punit Singhvi Development of Long-Term Aging Protocol for Asphalt Mixtures Using the Illinois Flexibility Index Test (I-FIT)
Dr. Zhen Leng Upcycling of Waste Plastic into Functionalized Additives for Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures: An Exploratory Study

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Seminar
Dr. Nizar Lajnef Toward Autonomous, Self-Powered, Self-Sensing, Multi-Functional, Civil Infrastructure
Katie Zimmerman Managing a Pavement Over Its Life Cycle
Egemen Okte and Zehui Zhu Evaluation of I-FIT Results and Machine Variability Using MnRoad Test Track Mixtures and Development of Machine Compliance Factor for I-FIT
Dr. Kumares C. Sinha Kent Distinguished Lecture – Charging Mechanisms for Road Use: An Interface between Engineering and Public Policy
Yan Qi Comparison of Contributing Factors to Pedestrian Crossing Crash Severity at Locations with Different Controls in Illinois
Elie Hajj Analysis Procedures for Evaluating Superheavy Load Movement on Flexible Pavements: SuperPACK
Pradip Adhikari and Sina Nassiri The Effects of Sediments on Bioswale and Infiltration Trench BMP Performance and Soaked and Unsoaked Performance of Crushed Gravel and Limestone Aggregates
Brian Pfeifer Partnering with IDOT: Providing Innovative Transportation Research
Peter Taylor Performance Based Concrete Mixtures
Erman Gungor Development of a Proposed Overweight Vehicle Permit Fee Structure in Illinois
Issam Qamhia Field Performance Evaluation of Quarry By-products Used in Unbound Aggregate Layers Constructed over Soft Subgrade
David Lippert Predicting Asphalt Concrete Overlay Performance