2019 Kent Seminars

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Seminar
Emily Jankauski and McCall Macomber Writing Workshop
Lewis Lehe Buses and shared rides in downtown traffic
Yuguang Fu Smart Internet of Things (IoT) system for rapid condition assessment of bridges under sudden events
Chandra Bhat, Ph.D., P.E. Autonomous vehicle use and potential changes in commute patterns
Abbas Kachwalla A machine-learning-based quality-control approach for automated-pavement condition data
Bin Feng Discrete element modeling of ballasts’ dynamic behavior
Richard Sowers Big data and mobility: A mathematician looks at traffic
Qingwen Zhou Life cycle assessment on pavement preservation and maintenance schedules
Amit Bhasin Reversing paradigms: Performance prediction to material design for our roadway infrastructure
Naira Hovakimyan Aerial co-robots of the future: Safety, intelligence, certification
Roberto Montemayor Past, present and future of cellular concrete
Greg Renshaw Annual Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Laboratory Safety Training
Antoine Petit Multiline bus bunching control via vehicle substitution

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Seminar
Mechanical Engineer, Megan Kreiger Additive Construction: 3D Printing for Infrastructure
Sachindra Dahal, Ph.D. Student Re-engineering Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements
Professor, Luis Guillermo Loría-Salazar Summary of 5 Years of Experiments at the PaveLab, the University of Costa Rica Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Facility
Charlie Greer Pavement Design, Evaluation, and Maintenance at the World’s Busiest Airport
Professor, Dan Zollinger Implications of the Effects of Interfaces on Concrete Pavement Performance
Issam Qamhia, Ph.D. Student Evaluation of Chemically Stabilized Quarry By-product Applications in Base and Subbase Layers Through Accelerated Pavement Testing
Haohang Huang, Ph.D. Student Field Imaging and Volumetric Reconstruction of Riprap Rock and Large-sized Aggregates: Algorithms and Application
Zehui Zhu, Ph.D. Student Influence of Mix Design Parameters on Asphalt Concrete Aging Rate Using I-FIT Specimens
Jose Rivera, Ph.D. Student Effect of Specimen Geometry and Test Configuration on the Fracture Process Zone for Asphalt Materials
Punit Singhvi, Ph.D. Student Total Recycled Asphalt Mixes’ Characteristics and Field Performance
Richa Bhardwaj, Ph.D. Student A Novel Joint Inspection Methodology Based On Image Analysis Approach For Concrete Pavement Construction
Jordan Ouellet, Ph.D. Student Pre-cracking Cement-Treated Bases to Mitigate Shrinkage Stresses