2013 TRB Presentations

04-18-13 Presentations (video)

Kerrie Schattler, Associate Professor, Bradley University, “Effects of Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Displays on Driver Comprehension & Operations”

Kathryn Zimmerman P.E., President, Applied Pavement Technologies, “Illinois Pavement Management Programs Implementation”

04-11-13 Presentations (video)

Paul Metaxatos, Associate Director for Research Programs & Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Pedestrian/Bicyclist Warning Devices & Signs at Hwy.-Rail & Pathway-Rail Grade Crossings)”

04-04-13 Presentations (video)

Kerry Slattery, Assistant Professor, Missouri State University, “An Expert Systems Approach to Highway Construction Scheduling)”

Enad Mahmoud, Assistant Professor, Bradley University, “Performance Evaluation of Snow & Ice Plows”

03-28-13 Presentations (video)

Juan David Pava, Research Engineer, IDOT BMPR “25 Years of Performance: Validation of Illinois Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design on U.S. 20 & U.S. 50”

*Huaguo Zhou, Assistant Professor, SIU Edwardsville & Mark Grinter, Assistant Professor, SIU Edwardsville “Evaluation of Remote-Sensing Technologies for Collecting Roadside Feature Data to Support Highway Safety Manual Implementation”

03/07/2013 Presentation

Angeli Gamez “Mechanical Property Characterization of Warm-Mix Asphalt Prepared with Chemical Additives”

Seyed Saleh Yousefi “Short-Term Kettle and Field Aging Investigation of Hot-Poured Crack Sealants” / “Validation and Implementations of Hot-poured Crack Sealant- Study Update”

*Juan Medina “Field and Software Evaluation of Illuminance for LED Luminaries for Roadway Applications”

02/28/2013 Presentation

Xing Wang “Continuum Approximation Approach to Competitive Facility Location Design Under Facility Disruption Risks”

Leila Hajibabai “Joint Optimization of Supply Chain Network Deisgn and Highway Pavement Rehabilitation Plan Under Traffic”

Xing Wang “Continuum Approximation  of Discrete Spatial Data for Optimal Facility Location Design”

Leila Hajibabai “Snowplow Routing Optimization Under Resource Constraints: Formulation, Algorithm, and Decision-Support System”

*IDOT releated research.